Ultimate Kids and Family activity guide

Kitesurfing Lanka has made Kalpititya to one of the top locations for Kitesurfing worldwide. If you’re not a kitesurfer and just want a family getaway with your kids in tow, no problem! Kitesurfing Lanka has much more to offer, it is an oasis for everybody and especially for kids like a Neverland in Peter Pan. If you are looking for […]


Sustainable travel is the new backpacking

There’s no doubt that the climate change emergency has brought the topics like sustainable travel, veganism, ecofriendly and green initiatives to the forefront of everyone’s minds. But now with the coronavirus, people are even more conscious about when and how they travel. We believe it’s vital for each of us to look at how we can be more eco-conscious when […]

Dil in Kalpitiya

Amazing facts you didn’t know about Kitesurfing Lanka

Léo Moret and Dilsiri Welikala, the owners of Kitesurfing Lanka talk about how KSL started and how the whole community behind KSL changed their life and motivation to keep going forward. Some further thoughts from Dilsiri Welikala: When Leo and myself started Kitesurfing Lanka, we did a one page Word document. It spoke about the values we would like to […]

Beautiful Paradise

Stranded in Kitesurfing Paradise

Since the Coronavirus outbreak, COVID-19 has changed the world, many tourists got stuck in foreign countries. We want you to tell you the stories of our guests, why they are still here, how our staff is doing, and what the owner thinks about the situation. Enjoy!   Steve & Charlotte are expats from Belgium that live in Colombo. They have […]

Kitesurfers at Kitesurfing Lanka

Coronavirus: How To Stay Safe On Your Travels?

Coronavirus and traveling As our hotel stays open for the foreseeable future during this crisis, we still get tourists that escape the busy parts of the world and stay in with us in Kalpitiya. Traveling during this time can be done, but you have to take certain precautions in order to stay safe. So if you’re traveling, please read the […]

Kitesurfer at KSL

The ultimate guide for women that want to learn how to kitesurf

A lot of girls and women are holding back to start kitesurfing. Mostly it’s because there are still too many prejudices about this sport: You need a lot of physical strength, you need to be very athletic, you need to be young, etc. But lucky for you, nothing is further from the truth! In these 5 misconceptions about this extreme […]

Girl Kitesurfer Jumping at KSL

Learn to kitesurf : first jump

We’ve all been there, standing on the shore, looking at kitesurfers glide on the water and then, whoop, up in the air they go. While they go up up and up, your jaw drops down, down down. Chances are you got into kitesurfing because seeing other kitesurfers jump made you feel all kinds of excited and jealous. We’ll probably all […]

Daniel Planting Mangrove Seedlings

Sustainability at KSL – Mangrove Planting Initiative

All over the world, there are mangrove systems that protect young marine life, filter water from pollution and act as a barrier between water and land. Especially because Sri Lanka is an island, mangroves are very important here. More than 50 % of Sri Lanka’s Mangrove forests have been destroyed irrecoverably in the past 30 years through deforestation, abuse and […]

People watching kitesurfers at Kitesurfing Lanka

Happy Holidays from the KSL team!

2019 is coming to an end and we want to take this opportunity to reflect upon the year that has been … and 2019 has been a biggie! This year we have introduced AC in the camp, expanded onto the beach where we now have our high-end Beach Bungalows, beach bar and a new permanent kite spot – Donkey Point. […]