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Monday April 15, 2019

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Kite trip Sri Lanka – the ultimate packing list

Your kite trip in Sri Lanka is all booked, you’ve got your visa, flights, and accommodation sorted, all you need to do now is pack and show up at the airport. But packing! Does anyone ever enjoy that? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back with this ultimate kite trip packing list! The summer season is just around the corner and we want to help you better prepare & pack for your kite holiday in Kalpitiya. We’ve touched on some essentials already, but here’s a more in-depth must-pack list for you, to ensure you don’t forget anything.

If you’re bringing your kite gear you will want it to land in mint condition so a good quiver/board bag is a no brainer. We will pick you up from the airport and help you with all the luggage, but if you’d like to explore the country you might want to consider gear rental or bringing a backpack with you and storing your gear with us while you travel.

If you’ve been on a kite trip before, you probably know that the kite you leave at home is the kite you end up wanting the most. But each airline has their weight limits so sometimes we have to make a choice and leave a kite behind. When making your selection, keep in mind that we get 18-25 knots in summer and 15 to 25 winter. Kite pumps and a basic set of tools are provided and we have a repair workshop in the camp if anything goes wrong. However, you might want to take some spare parts with you. To protect your gear (and optimise the space you have in the board bag) you will need to dismount your kiteboard. Make sure you pack all the screws and fins. Check that you have the right bar for the kites you packed and don’t forget your harness and safety leash!

The sun in Sri Lanka is really strong, and who has time to re-apply that sunscreen! A lycra will protect your shoulders from an unpleasant burn and save you from a harness tan line. If you don’t have a lycra, don’t worry – we have super cool KSL rashies available in our kite store, and you’ll most definitely want one of them.

The water and the wind are warm, so the lycra should be more than enough. But if you tend to get cold easily, or want some extra protection from the harness rubbing against your skin, you should consider packing a thin shortie or neoprene top.

Pretty obvious one, right? You might want to sneak one in your carry on, just in case your luggage gets delayed.

While you can wear a rashie to protect your shoulders, you probably won’t be wrapping your face into a UV proof ninja mask. Make sure to use a good sunscreen and/or zinc. If you wish, we have eco-friendly homemade sunscreen available for purchase in the kite store, and you can also join one of our sustainability workshops to learn how to make your own.

You can never be too safe when it comes to the sun. Grab your favourite hat or cap and make sure your sunglasses have a decent UV filter. Especially for beginners, it’s important to have your sunglasses securely strapped to your head. If you don’t want to lose your fav pair of sunglasses, you can grab a pair in our kite store – we have some specifically designed for water sports.

As an advanced rider you probably won’t need them, but if you’re just learning, they’re a lifesaver! Make sure to pack a pair of thin waterproof shoes, you can get special ones for (kite)surfing.

How else will you get your friends all #instajealous or earn bragging rights for that awesome trick you just nailed?! Grab your Go Pro or your waterproof case and click away! You can always ask someone from our team or a fellow kitesurfer to take some photos of you. Oh, and when you publish them on Instagram, make sure to tag @kitesurfinglanka! We’d love to see all your happy faces and maybe we can share your shots! Oh and if you’re not following us yet … well, you’re missing out 😉

A dry bag will keep your belongings dry as well as protected from the sand. If you want to take your electronics to the kite spot or on a kite trip you will want to keep them safe.

Wait, what? No, it probably won’t rain here. But you should pack your rain/wind jacket either way, because you will want to do some kite trips with us, and those trips usually involve boat rides and wind and waves splashing. Also, it will probably rain if you plan on exploring the hill country.

To dry up or to quickly get changed on the beach, or to lie on while you work on your tan.

Sri Lanka is always warm, and you will spend most of your time in bikinis or boardshorts while at Kitesurfing Lanka. If you pack a few shorts, t-shirts, shower gel and your toothbrush you’ll be sweet. However, if you’re planning on travelling or visiting any temples you will need a pair of lightweight pants or a long skirt. It can get a bit chilly in the hill country so if you’re planning on exploring that area, you might consider packing a sweater or hoodie.

Guys, you might want to skip this one and jump to the next point. For all you ladies, this is a very important one. If you’re expecting your period during your kite holiday you will want to pack some tampons as they’re hard to come by outside the most touristy parts of Sri Lanka. Or consider a menstrual cup as a more eco-friendly and less bulky alternative.

If there are any medications you use on a regular basis, make sure to pack a sufficient supply of them. Consider packing some first aid essentials as well as some probiotics and mosquito repellent. You’ll be surprised by how much you can get over the counter in the pharmacies here, but we suggest you play it safe with all the necessities.

Prepare for the worst, hope for the best. We probably should have lead with this one. Things go wrong when you least expect them and having a good insurance to fall back on is extremely important in those cases. Make sure your insurance covers kitesurfing and any other activities you’re planning on doing during your trip. It’s always good to read the small print. Sri Lanka is generally very safe, but if you’re travelling with expensive equipment you might want to ensure it is covered by your insurance.

This is it, all the must pack items for an awesome kite holiday in Sri Lanka, most of which you can either buy or rent with us. All you need to do now is throw all your gear, sun protection, water protection (is that even a word?), and your personal items in the bag, and you’re ready to roll. We can’t wait to see you this summer!

You didn’t book your stay at Kitesurfing Lanka yet? What are you waiting for! We get fully booked during high season so secure your dates now!

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