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Friday April 28, 2023

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Ultimate guide to the best kitesurfing spots in kalpitiya, sri lanka

Kalpitiya has ‘everyday’ kitespots for you to kitesurf, but for when you want a change, there are several other kite spots and kite trips for you to choose from. There are several small islets, reefs and sandbanks on the North of the peninsula, between the Ocean and the lagoon, which present the perfect place for downwinders and other kite trips, including camping on the desert islets

Everyday Kite Spots

Kalpitiya Main Lagoon

The main lagoon is almost a kilometer wide and about two kilometers long it can cater to hundreds of kitesurfers. You can kite in the summer season as well as the winter season. Water ranges from flat to choppy and, depending on the direction, the wind can be either smooth & clear or a bit gusty. During Summer you can kite from KSL to the Big Lagoon and vice versa during Winter.

The main lagoon is the kitesurf central in Kalpitiya. There is a designated beginner area where the beginner lessons run from and we ask all independent riders to stay clear of it. This is the kite spot where several kiteschools and gear rental shops are located. If you are staying at KSL, you can get a free ride to the lagoon, it’s only a 10 mins drive away from the camp.

KSL Beach

In winter we get the perfect butter-flat spot right in front of the camp! It’s ideal during the winter season because, how good is it to wake up right on the kitespot? You can rig & launch in front of the camp and there’s a beach bar so you don’t even have to land your kite when you get thirsty. During the summer season, KSL beach becomes an amazing spot for kite wave riding and wing foiling.

The KSL lagoon is one of the smaller spots and is predominantly a freestyle playground where even some of the big names come to train. This is the great spot to nail that trick you’ve been working on or just sit on a sunbed with a drink in your hand and admire all the big air action on the water.

Donkey Point

Donkey point becomes a very attractive spot during the summer months. It offers clean wind and flat water on one end, with waves on the other side. When the swell is right we get some good-sized waves, so if you’re into wave riding this is the spot for you. If you have never tried wave riding, or riding on the open sea before, this is the perfect spot to do it in a safe environment as our rescue boats will be there for you if anything goes wrong.


Kite Trip Spots

Vella Island

Vella island, Mini Vella, Magic island, Paradise… This ultimate kitesurfing playground goes by many names and we believe it is definitely one of the best kitesurfing spots in the world which you should not miss out on!

During summer, we offer daily trips with an optional overnight stay. After breakfast, we take a 45-minute boat ride and then enjoy a 2km downwinder to the island, passing through flat sheltered waters.

Accommodation on the island is simple but comfortable, and all food and drinks are included. Vella Island boasts butter flat water and clear offshore winds, making it perfect for advancing your skills or receiving advanced coaching. A minimum upwind riding level is required for this trip.

Mini Vella 

Mini Vella is a small island situated in the Lagoon with consistent wind. This kite spot benefits from a Venturi effect, resulting in stronger winds, thanks to its location between Wilpattu National Park and Dutch Bay. To reach this spot from our camp, a jeep ride and a boat ride are required. The spot offers buttery flat and choppy water and is recommended for intermediate to advanced kitesurfers due to its offshore conditions.

Puttalam Lagoon – The Big Kahuna

It’s a 2-hour downwind adventure to explore the kite spots of Puttalam Lagoon. This 30+km long lagoon is accessible only by boat or kite, and offers fantastic opportunities for experienced riders. Our rescue boat will be on standby in case of any emergency, and flatwater conditions ensure a smooth ride.

You’ll be dropped 10km upwind of KSL and guided by our staff member to the first island surrounded by sand bars and seaweed. After a session there, continue downwind to the second island where you’ll hop on the boat ride back. Please note, the minimum riding level for this trip is upwind. If you’re not confident, we recommend considering our kite lessons first.

Dream Spot

Dream Spot is accessible year-round for kitesurfing, with the most ideal wind conditions typically occurring from May to September. A 15-minute boat ride from Kalpitiya Lagoon will take you to this incredible destination.

Separated by a sandbank, the Indian Ocean offers amazing waves while the lagoon provides butter-flat water. Our half-day kite trips to Dream Spot are perfect for those looking for a quick kitesurfing adventure.

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