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Thursday November 23, 2017

Kitesurfing articles


Besides kitesurfing, in the winter season and just after (December-April) another draw for people coming to Kalpitiya is to see some the dolphins and whales just off the coast. It’s not uncommon to see pods of spinner dolphins numbering in the hundreds or even thousands! At this time of year the water is calmer so the chances of spotting them goes up, and the ride out is a definite improvement over those bumpy rides during the summer monsoon season!

The most common dolphin species in Kalpitiya are the spinner dolphins, but we also see Bottlenose, Risso and Into-pacific pretty regularly as well. The spinners are incredibly playful and normally you’ll see them jumping and how they earned the ‘spinner’ name!

In November/December and March/April you have the best chance of seeing the whales in Kalpitiya, although they’re elusive and can be tough to find as they’re a bit further out to sea. The most commonly spotted are sperm whales, who feed off the continental shelf a few kilometres out, but if you’re lucky you can also see blue whales, minke, melon headed, and dwarf sperm whales!

At KSL we firmly believe in working with the local community to educate against over fishing and to keep this amazing natural resource alive for future generations to enjoy. All our trips are run by certified local guides in English so you’ll get some info on the dolphins as well as the threats they face in these waters.

SO if you’re joining us this winter, why not spend a morning going out to see the amazing diversity of life the Indian ocean has to offer, you won’t be disappointed you did! More info and pricing is here

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