Dilsiri Welikala – Joint Owner: Sri Lanka’s first IKO qualified instructor and easily the most enthusiastic kiter in Sri Lanka. Dilsiri is well known in Sri Lanka for his passion for all watersports and nature! Interestingly enough, before deciding to live on the beach he worked at a company that made Victoria’s Secret! He has a passion for the arts and loves to play Scrabble. 


Léo Moret – Joint Owner: IKO qualified instructor. Fanatic for any sliding sports (kitesurfing, snowkiting, surfing, paragliding). Great cook. He loves to share his passion with you and bring you on one of the awesome kite trips that he organizes! He’s the numbers man of KSL! 



Kitesurfing Lanka’s best friend and Dilsiris dog. Wendy is pretty chilled and loves human contact. She will follow you to the ocean and back. 




Akiel, Tikiri, Jude, Ranjith & Ruwantha – Our Office Team, they do the bookings, guest relations and billing. 

Ruwantha is in charge of the transport management, Ranjith and Tikiri are responsible for guest relations and Akiel is the Manager for the office. Jude is our accountant.





Sebastian, Takkisha & Rajitha are our Barman.

Sebastian is our Teddy bear and is always happy and smiling. Rajith is one of the most colourful barmen you will ever meet. He is always up for a chat and you will find him at the bar drawing his next incredible painting.




Thilak, Stephan and Sadun are in charge of the restaurant.

Thilak or Mr.T is at KSL since the start! He is an expert kayak and river guide, but now his passions have switched – he loves fishing and motorbikes! Always there to lend you a hand at KSL. He makes amazing driftwood lanterns and can probably make one for you too.




Chef Samson is the main man in the kitchen and makes the whole camp happy with his team! His team also consists of Shirantha, Dinesh, Laxman, Isuru, Fernando, Shine, Malinde, Akila and Sanju. What we love about this team is that they – apart from Chef Samson & Lucky – are all newcomers to the hotel trade. They learned to cook at KSL and they are awesome at it now!




Mischi is the Kite School Manager and Sri Lanka’s first and most experienced Kitesurfing Instructor. There is no doubt that Mischi is the best teacher of the sport on the island. A colourfull character who can teach you in 5 languages! After a days’ teaching, Mischi can be found on the right side corner of the bar enjoying a conversation and a Lion Beer!

Zac and Franzi are our advanced kite coaches and they can teach you any trick you could possibly imagine. Our other kite instructors are Amine, Saif, Hamid, Ola, and Royel.



Surresh, Isuru, Ajith, Gihan, Roshan, Indika, Dinesh, Nuwan and Suren work on the Kite School Team. Gihan handles all rentals, Suresh arranges most kite trips and Ajith is our rescue man on the boat. Nishantha and his wife have magic hands and is in charge of the kite repair shop.




Arravinda, Tharindu and Dinesh are a trustworthy bunch and are responsible for making your cosy beds and make sure your room is always fresh!




Nissanga, Theresa, Isuru and Franzi Uncle love our garden and greenery. Our garden team attends to it each day. They can be seen faithfully taking care of the garden each morning and if you get closer to them then they might surprise you with a fresh-picked coconut from our palm trees.




Roy, Marvin, Krishantha 1, Krishantha 2 (two of them) and Lal!: Our transport team. These guys will ensure you arrive to KSL safely and hassle-free! They will most probably be the first person you meet at the airport. Lal runs all our tuk-tuk hires in the village. He can also take you to the kite spots in his tuk-tuk!