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Monday August 19, 2019

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Inverted front roll – a step by step guide to mastering this kitesurfing trick

So you’ve mastered your first back and front rolls and you want to take it to the next level? We’ve got you covered with this step by step guide on how to do the inverted frontroll, a trick that is not only visually appealing but incredibly fun to do once you’ve mastered it. This will become without a doubt, your favourite trick in kiteboarding.

So let’s get to it!


As with most tricks in kiteboarding, a good pop is a necessity and before the pop you want to be riding at a comfortable and stable position with the kite at 45 degrees. When you are powered up and ready for takeoff, start sending your kite upwards over 12 to lock. This is when you want to release a bit of tension on the lines by moving forward, after which you cut upwind hard by edging and pop once the kite has gone OVER 12. Push with your feet hard the board to get that perfect pop.

It’s important to wait long enough until your kite has passed 12 in order to get enough upward lift. This also helps to soften the landing: if you send the kite back down too soon, you might hit the water too hard.

You need to do a front roll, so it’s time to throw your body in the opposite direction of the pop. The pop is an upwind motion, the front roll is a downwind rotation frontwards ( hence front roll ). Basically, you pop one way and throw your body the other way.

However, you want to achieve an inverted front roll, and throwing your body frontwards won’t be enough. Instead, throw your body over your shoulder while lifting your board up in the air. This can be made easier by throwing your arm over your shoulder as shown in the video below. Trust the line connecting your harness to the kite to support your weight. Keep your hand close to the centre of the bar so you don’t accidentally send the kite down too fast. Bending your front leg will help you a long way!

A good way to nail that inversion after your initial rotation is to stretch your legs at the top of the rotation. This not only slows the rotation, but it makes your overall position more inverted. Try to get the board as close to your lines as possible to reach maximum style! Keep your free arm stretched and keep looking over your shoulder to continue the rotation. You’re doing an inverted front roll, enjoy it!

Start by spotting your landing. As you’re already looking over your shoulder, this shouldn’t be too hard. Find the place where you’ll hit the water and stretch your front leg. Upon landing you’ll want to bend your knees to absorb some of the impact. Try landing downwind to absorb some extra pressure and edge back upwind for a smooth finish.

After you’ve mastered the inverted front roll, try a tail grab at the top!

So this is our step by step guide to mastering the inverted front roll. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments or email us to arrange an in-person coaching session to help you master this trick (or a different trick of your choice).

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