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Friday March 2, 2018

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2018 Kitesurfing Lanka Mega Trips and Spots list!

This summer Kitesurfing Lanka are expanding the operation, offering more trips and more spots than ever so you’ll have more options to choose from on any given day. Our repeat guests probably know the spots we offer but this year will be a little different so check out the updated info below!

Kalpitiya lagoon:
This is the main spot for the school and daily freeriders, it’s pretty flat and has lots of space for learning anything new. Things here will be as per usual with the school hut and rental hut using Zian kites, and we always have a safety boat and the beach boys on hand in case anything goes wrong!

Donkey Point/Spot:
This is the biggest change for this year, we’ll have a beach hut, full time safety boat and beach boy at donkey spot! Our guests have regularly been using this spot as it’s the closest wave spot to the camp and also offers a fun downwinder to the main lagoon to build confidence for ocean riding. With the introduction of the safety boat and beach assistant we’re hoping to encourage more people to get out in the waves, it’s a very friendly wave so it’s perfect for that first experience, and is also fun for seasoned wave riders.

Vella Island:
Probably the most loved spot in Kalpitiya, Vella island is about an hour by boat from the main lagoon and we’ll be upping the number of trips we run weekly to this flat water paradise. This year we’re planning to up the number to two day trips and one overnight trip per week, and our advanced coach Zac will be on hand so if you want to progress your riding he can take you for an advanced coaching session. There’s really not enough nice things to say about this spot, you just have to come experience it for yourself.

Puttalam Lagoon:
Puttalam lagoon is massive, offering about 40kmx10km of flat water, rolling chop, river dolphins, mangrove islands and amazing birdlife! It’s a great day out and we’ll be offering a weekly downwinder through the lagoon to explore some of the awesome spots it has to offer.

Dream Spot:
Another nice spot slightly closer to KSL, you can either downwind here or get the boat down. We’ll be offering regular trips here so if you just fancy a bit of a changeup from the main lagoon this can be a great option.

Thalawila/Kappalady Lagoon:
The Kappalady lagoon is a great little lagoon for aspiring freestylers, and being a half hour drive from the camp it’s a slightly easier trip than Vella (it’s small so still not quite as good as Vella!). You can either just spend the day here and get the truck back, or if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous you can ride downwind back to the camp (about 15km). If you’re more into the waves then starting at Thalawila and downwinding is a great option, and you can hit a few different wave spots on the way down as well as visiting kappalady lagoon to get your flat water fix! We’ll be running one organised trip per week here, and can always help organise you transport if you want to go by yourself one day.

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