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Shiatsu Excellence at KSL

We all love a good massage to relax and revive our broken bodies from the non-stop kiting.

The story of our massage room is also unique and interesting. Initially, we experimented with many options, from Ayurveda to local and foreign therapists.

However, it was around 2018 when we came across a very special organization that employs visually impaired persons in Sri Lanka – Thushre Talking Hands. We partnered with them and therapists were given to Kitesurfing Lanka.


Around 2023, we mutually agreed to work with just 1 therapist on a full time basis – Joseph who hails from the East of Sri Lanka. He lost his vision during the civil war and comes from very humble background. Joseph has since served KSL with love and attention and we have also decided to work on an equal (or even slight more – in favour of him) profit share basis.



  • The therapy helps many chronic and acute problems such as headache, back pain and fatigue, or may be taken for relaxation and stress relief.
  • Acupressure massages are provided through a cotton cloth. No oils are used and there is no need to undress.
  • Joseph has high sensitivity to touch and are expertly trained by a Japanese Master.
  • Our work provides opportunity, self-respect and dignity for previously unemployed visually impaired Sri Lankans. All profits are shared equally.


Full Body

Full body Shiatsu treatment includes stretches, joint manipulation and soft deep pressure using fingers, thumbs and palms of the hand. Treatment takes place fully clothed. The therapy can be focused on one or more specific symptoms or conditions, or simply taken to maintain good health and well-being. For maximum effectiveness, please avoid alcohol and large meals on the day of your treatment. Many of our clients return to us on a regular basis because they find our treatment so beneficial.

Foot and lower leg massage

Our feet and lower legs take a lot of stress in daily life. Long hours standing, sitting, walking or taking physical exercise all take their toll on this important part of the body. Our therapy focuses on revitalizes your feet and lower legs, is very relaxing and promotes well-being.

Head, Neck and Shoulders

The mental stress of everyday life often exhibits itself in discomfort and aches in the head, neck and shoulders. Gently and deep Shiatsu treatment relieves discomfort and is deeply de-stressing, and leaves you feeling fully relaxed.


Your Stay

Best accommodation in Kalpitiya

Kitesurfing Lanka is rated #1 on TripAdvisor. Our resort offers several accommodation options for you to choose from to fit any travel style and budget. All prices include full board, kite spot usage and transport, gear storage and access to all our facilities.