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Wednesday December 28, 2022

Kitesurfing articles

Winter Kitesurfing at KSL

Kalpitiya was once a coastal town only famous among the fishermen, but that has long changed. Today, this has become a booming place for kitesurfing enthusiasts and tourists from all around the world. Kalpitiya is the heart of all the kitesurfing action in Sri Lanka. With perfect kiting conditions for 9 months of the year, Kalpitiya is a mecca for kitesurfers around the world.

The little town has served as the country’s main kiteboarding hub for over a decade now, and is still the most popular spot for kitesurfing in Sri Lanka.

Winter season: Kalpitiya gets the best wind!

The winter season starts from mid-December to the end of March. During these months, the wind is lighter, and the average speed is around 14-18 knots, coming from the North-east and the wind reaches the lagoon from across the sea- meaning it’s much smoother and far less gusty than it is during the summer season. Morning winds are great for foiling and the afternoon winds are strong from midday until sunset.

Kalpitiya and the surrounding areas are known best for their lagoons, where the butter flat water is ideally suited to beginners and freestyle riders. The temperature is around 25°c so you don’t need a wetsuit.

Kite on our beach front

There are many kitesurfing spots in Kalpitiya but none compared to the convenience of surfing in our own private beach. In the winter season (Dec-March) in the afternoon, you can kite on the lagoon right in front of our camp. The wind is light and stable coming from the North, making it ideal for foiling and the afternoon winds are generally strong and steady till sunset.

Kalpitiya Kite Lagoon

At the main kite spot, Kalpitiya Lagoon, the sheltered water is separated from the Indian Ocean by a single sandbar, which is where all the launching and landing happens. There’s absolutely tons of space along that sandy area, so you won’t need to worry about navigating your way through a tangle of other people’s lines. The Kalpitiya lagoon stretches over 2 KM and is around 800m wide (0.8 KM). This incredible kite spot is an all-year-round spot and located only 10 mins away from KSL.

Indian Ocean

Hop over to the other side of the sandbar that borders Kalpitiya Lagoon and you’ll find yourself playing in the baby waves and shore break of the Indian Ocean. The winter season brings slightly calmer, more manageable water conditions in comparison to the wind chop and swell of the summer season.

Donkey Point

Just 300 odd meters away from the main Kalpitiya Lagoon, Donkey Point is the place to head to score some waves. There’s a reef break just offshore which consistently sends clean, surfable waves rolling in towards the shore.

Apart from the spots listed above, there are also a handful of other spots in the nearby vicinity that are worth checking out.

These include:

  • Kappalady Lagoon
  • Puttalam Lagoon
  • Vella Island
  • Mini Vella Island
  • Dream Spot
  • Mannar

Winter Vs Summer Season

The winter season is different to the summer kitesurfing season in Sri Lanka. The mornings are calm with a fable North-west offshore breeze and the calm sea in its turquoise colors invites one for swimming, snorkeling and dolphin watching.

Around midday, the wind changes pick up to nice consistent 15-20 kts and blows throughout the entire afternoon until and after the epic sunsets. During the winter season, the air is much cooler and the environment is more vibrant and greener.

Kalpitiya Sunsets

Kalpitiya is one of the best places on the island to relax and watch the sunset. Especially the Kalpitiya lagoon and the Puttalam lagoon, makes a better location to watch the sunset because the water here is serene and affords a clear uninterrupted horizon and sky. Kitesurfing sessions during the sunset are unbelievably epic and picture worthy. Watching the sunset from the KSL camp is so amazing that all you Instagram peeps are going to love taking sunset pictures here.

KSL Kitesurfing Lessons

You could be a complete beginner or have tried kitesurfing before, our experienced and IKO certified instructors will accompany you on the way to becoming an independent kite surfer. We offer group and private lessons tailored to your level and progress.

Our lagoon is great for absolute beginners and advanced riders alike and we provide courses for all levels from beginner lessons to advanced coaching in many languages: French, English, Spanish, German, Sinhalese.

At the end of your program, you will receive an IKO card indicating your level. This card allows you to continue your progress and rent equipment in any kite school in the world.

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