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Saturday March 7, 2020

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A lot of girls and women are holding back to start kitesurfing. Mostly it’s because there are still too many prejudices about this sport: You need a lot of physical strength, you need to be very athletic, you need to be young, etc. But lucky for you, nothing is further from the truth!

In these 5 misconceptions about this extreme sport, we will discuss why every girl, that is interested, should start te learn how to kitesurf. Those who don’t try will miss out on a lot of fun! So it’s time to clear up with some myths and prejudices. By the way, did you know that female kitesurfers are only 10% of the total amount of kiters out there? With this blog, we would love to see that number increase.

So if you are one of the many women that would like to start kitesurfing but is just a bit afraid to start, then this is for you! An ultimate guide to help you take the next step towards your soon to start kite adventure!


1. “I’m not strong enough to hold the kite!”
Nothing is less true! People come in different shapes and sizes, so do kites.

Because the wind can blow hard sometimes, we need a smaller kite than usual. And vice versa, if there is little wind, you need a bigger kite. So technically, you can choose how much power the kite will give you, depending on what size you choose.

2. “It’s too dangerous for me!”
Well, we understand, and you are right, if it was 2004. Today we are living in 2020 and safety systems have improved a lot over the last years. Driving a car also can be dangerous if you don’t know how to do it. That’s why you get an instructor to teach you how to drive. The same goes for kiting, your first lessons will be with an instructor who will show all the safety systems that make kitesurfing a very safe sport.

3. “I’m too old for this extreme sport!”
Our kite camp exists for over 7 years now and we have had amazing students of all ages. We have taught kitesurfer kiddo’s that were only 5 years old to grandma’s and grandpa’s that were up to 80 years old. So think again, are you really too old? Or is it just another excuse to postpone the meeting between you and your new favorite sport?

4. “Kitesurfing is only for men!”
We hear a lot that women think that kitesurfing is only for boys. But we have seen some of the best riders in the world that are female. Kitesurfing is not a male or female sport, everyone speaks the same language but uses their own words. Look at some of the best female riders: Paula Novotna, Theresa Tabel, Rita Arnaus and Angely Bouillot. They are all special in their own way, performing at various events and winning championships. Physically and mentally, they have made themselves strong and powerful to be the best rider possible.

5. “It’s too scary!”bodydrag behind kitesurfer
WRONG! If someone hooks you to a fully powered kite and sends you in the water right away, you probably will end up in some kind of trouble and you will be scared to go kitesurfing again, we understand that. And to be honest, kitesurfing is not always easy to learn. It is not easy for anyone, no matter the gender. There is a step-by-step process to go through before being fully in control of the kite, so don’t rush it and avoid shortcuts. Kite control and knowledge of the safety and rescue procedures will give you confidence. If you are being scared, ask your instructor to slow down your lessons until you feel comfortable and in control of what you are doing.

A note from the founder of She Flies

Especially for you guys, we invited Josie, the owner, and founder of the social enterprise, She Flies. It aims to grow and strengthen the global wave of women in Extreme Sports. She noticed there is a big difference between teaching women and men, and decided to start her own company to help and support the women in extreme sports. So who better to give you some advice, than Josie herself.

“My words of advice to any woman starting (or thinking about starting) to Kiteboard is to shake off the apprehension and embrace the emotion!

Let the fear in and let it show; denying it makes it scary, embracing it makes it exhilarating. As the industry starts to change, there are more and more female-focused coaching that will give you the environment you need to succeed – emotions and all. Feel the fear to feel the fire and trust me, when you get it, when you learn to love it and when your pride takes over your anxiety? Well, then you really start to fly!

She Flies hosts camps, runs events and offers membership to grow the global wave of Women in all Extreme Sports. You can find out more on their website www.she-flies.com or hear it for yourself on the Kitesurf365 podcast! Click here to check out her podcast.

Hope this helps you on your kitesurfing journey and makes it a bit easier! If the above still sounds too overwhelming consider booking a lesson with one of our kite instructors. They will definitely go above and beyond to teach you to ride your first meters.

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog, if so, leave us a shoutout in the comment section below!

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