Between November and April, Kalpitiya becomes a world-class dolphin and whale watching destination.


We organise dolphin and whale watching tours by request, usually in the mornings. We always make sure to respect these beautiful animals and ensure the tours are ethical. These guys are so curious and playful, they always come to say hi, jumping playfully for everyone’s amusement.



November to December and March to April is the perfect time to see whales. Sperm Whales are the most common. The Blue Whale (largest mammal in the world), Minke, Melon-Headed and Dwarf Sperm whales are also spotted. Recently even Orcas have been photographed on the waters just outside Kandakuliya!

Superpods (thousands) of dolphins make their way to Kalpitiya between November and March. Spinner dolphins are the most common dolphins that approach the boat for a play. Bottlenose, risso, indo-pacific, as well as humpback dolphins are also seen regularly.



All tours are carried out by certified guides who have been trained by Kitesurfing Lanka to conduct tours in English. They will do a brief on the types of the Dolphins/ Whales we see in addition to sharing valuable information about their behavior and threats these animals face due over fishing.


Dolphin/ Whale Watching Euro 90 per boat / Rs. from 15000 per boat
Dolphin/ Whale Watching + Snorkeling at the Bar Reef Euro 110 per boat/ Rs. from 20000


Price includes: Boat Hire, Snorkeling Gear and Snacks.
Maximum 6 people per boat.
The Department of Wild Life has a ticket. $ 10 for foreigners. If you live and work in Sri Lanka then you get local price so make sure you bring your passport.