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Live an epic experience in Sri Lanka !

With KSL activities & Excursions

Live an Epic experience in Sri Lanka!

If you don’t kite, if you’re tired, or if you have kids, try our free bees: Stand Up Paddle, Kayak, Wakeboard, Volleyball, Bike, Slack line, pétanque, Dart game, Board games…

KSL can link you with professional diving companies if you need to try diving. Snorkelling trips are usually coupled with the Dolphin/ Whale Watching Excursions.

A massage is a great option for your holidays, specially after a kiteboarding sessions. Qualified therapists prevent muscle ache and can relax muscular tension with a massage.

Yoga helps prevent injuries and shortens the recovering time between the KITE sessions. This type of yoga can be practiced by all levels from beginner to experienced ones. You can participate in 2 daily yoga sessions each morning and afternoon.

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