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Wednesday March 13, 2019

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Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka, the story…

The story of Kitesurfing Lanka begins with a calling, a calling to follow a dream. Dil and Leo both love Kitesurfing and it was as if all forces of the universe teamed up to bring them together.

Dil and his old school camera on the first kite trip Dil & Leo did together

Dil discovered kitesurfing in his student years and became extremely passionate about it. He started a blog to document his passion and he’s also the first Sri Lankan IKO certified instructor. Leo was curious about kitesurfing in Sri Lanka and found Dil’s blog so decided to email him. Not long after that they did a kite trip together, back when Kalpitiya was just starting to develop.

On this trip, they became good friends and shortly after, they decided to start an epic kite company together. The first year they started small and rented a hotel for the season. It was a period of growth and learning. Then this beautiful piece of land became available for sale and they knew this was it!

Once a coconut estate, Kitesurfing Lanka became their own little piece of paradise in Kalpitiya. It is a reflection of their hard work and passion for kitesurfing, nature and the community. Everything you see in the camp, including the placements of each rock in the garden, is theirs.

Leo and Clara enjoying a coconut in front of one of the first bungalows at Kitesurfing Lanka

Kitesurfing Lanka strives to ensure that our presence does not adversely impact the environment and is committed to recycling and the use of sustainable materials. When establishing Kitesurfing Lanka, Dil and Leo wanted to make a difference. They have been able to positively change a sleepy little fishing village and create a new industry in Sri Lanka. An industry which gives hope and jobs to those who had none. From the very beginning, we did our best to work with the community and involve the locals into our business.

Kitesurfing Lanka is all about kitesurfing, but also about giving back by providing education and opportunities to the youth, employing locals and by pioneering int the sustainability department. We have a tight collaboration with local schools, we’ve seen local boys becoming sponsored kitesurfers and we are involving the community into our sustainability projects and educating them on the harmful impact of plastic on the environment.

The first of many groups to go for a kite trip to Vella Island

Dil and Leo both love downwinders and exploring new hidden kite spots. They decided they wanted to take their guests to the best kite spots around Sri Lanka so they took a map and decided to kite the lenght of the peninsula untill they find that perfect kite spot. The several small islets, reef and sandbanks on the North of the peninsula, between the Ocean and the lagoon, are the perfect location for downwinders and kite trips!

Leo, Dil and Mawfeel along with the boatman decided to explore the area by kite. They were the first to venture down there by kite and were rewarded with some magical kite conditions. Best of all, they found the ultimate kite playground now known as Vella Island. They also made a mistake in naming this spot, they called it Vella (which it is really not, Vella is the islet before) but the name stuck.
Soon after they took the first group for an amazing kite trip, which was a success and just the beginning of many more kite trips in the area.

Dil and Leo never imagined Kitesurfing Lanka would evolve to what it is now, a hub, a home away from home, and the center of a community which continues to grow. Kitesurfing Lanka still stands behind the core beliefs it’s been established on, our philosophy is simple: kitesurfing, great hospitality, sustainability and community. Join us for an epic kitesurfing holiday while making a difference.

Kitesurfing Lanka is a chilled-out and friendly oasis where, once you enter, you tend to forget the worries of the world. With a kitespot at our doorstep, plenty of palm trees, and happy people at the bar, Kitesurfing Lanka is the perfect getaway for an epic kitesurfing holiday. You might never want to leave!

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