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Kitesurfing Lanka Frequently Asked Questions

We will happily arrange your airport pick up or drop off. Please email us your flight number and arrival time to info@kitesurfinglanka.com and our dedicated driver will be waiting for you at the airport. The dual AC van is definitely the easiest and most comfortable way of getting here. It is also the safest. The drivers are from the community and they have been offering their transport service for 10 years to Kitesurfing Lanka. Maximum 4 per van with kitesurfing gear and other baggage.

Public transport can be daunting when travelling with kite gear & big bags. If coming by public transport, please allow plenty of time & be prepared to squeeze or stand. Public buses run frequently, usually whenever full. There is also a train to Puttalam from Colombo and Negombo. You can get a bus either to Kalpitiya or Puttalam and switch busses or take a tuk-tuk from there. If arriving by bus, you can get off either in Kalpitiya town (the end of the line) or at Kurinchanpitiya (a few kilometers before). From either place, you’ll then need a tuk-tuk to our beach.

We will happily arrange a driver to pick you up from elsewhere too. Please email us at info@kitesurfinglanka.com or call Ruwantha +94767572916 or +94770038467 to discuss the details. If you’re committed to public transport we’d suggest the train to Puttalam over the bus, from there the same directions as above apply.

Off course, we are a kite school after all! At Kitesurfing Lanka we offer private and group lessons for beginners and advanced riders alike. All our instructors are International Kiteboarding Organisation (IKO) certified. You can book your lessons in advance (preferred) or we can arrange that on the spot (depends on availability). For more details and prices on kite lessons click here.From 2024 we also have Wing Foil Lessons too!

One kite day is about 5 hours of kitesurfing with 3 hours class in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. You can book as many hours and as many days as you wish or choose between our packages. For more details and prices on kite lessons click here. From previous experience an average beginner will need around 9 to 15 hours of lessons to get on the board and have their first rides.

Sure! Our advanced coaching is designed to help you master that new trick or technique in a safe and productive manner, not smash yourself and your gear to death with little to no reward. Wherever you are on your kitesurfing journey, we can help you get those first jumps right as well as take your unhooked tricks to the next level. You will discuss your needs and wants directly with our advanced coach.

Sure, we all know how hard it can be to travel with your gear so don’t worry, we’ve got your back! There are gear rental options at the kite spot and you can choose from a vast range of sizes and models. We also have surf and foil boards available, please let us know in advance if you wish to rent the later to ensure availability. For gear rental packages and prices please navigate to the bottom of this page.

Of course! We have an on-site kite shop and kite repair shop. The shop is run in partnership with the local community.

In the Sumer Season (mid-May to mid-October) we get wind all day with averages of 18-20 knots. You can choose between the flat water lagoon and waves in the ocean. Weather is warm and a wetsuit isn’t necessary.

In the Winter Season (mid-December to mid-March) the wind picks up in the afternoon and ranges between 15 to 20 knots. We kitesurf in the lagoon just in front of the resort where the water is butter flat! Winter is also whale and dolphin watching season or you can go diving and snorkelling in the mornings. Although it’s winter, the average outside temperature is 26°C and you can kitesurf with a shortie or without a wetsuit.

The low wind months (October, November, April) are still very much worth a visit. The beach and the sea in front of the resort are stunning. We offer yoga retreats, dolphin & whale watching trips, diving, snorkeling and on-site cross-fit and Bootcamp studio and spa. There is always a breeze even in the low months, so if you are a kite foiler – with a large size kite you can be enjoying a session even in the low wind months!

Oh yes, we are! In the winter season you’ll get to enjoy the perfect conditions right in front of your bungalow! In the summer season we kitesurf in the flat water lagoon just a 10 min drive from the camp (transport included in price) and organise weekly kite trips to many spots around the peninsula where the conditions are absolutely insane.

Off course not! Visit us in summer and you’ll love Donkey spot just up the beach from Kitesurfing Lanka (transport included in price) or you can play with the waves at the ocean side of the lagoon. We also have an Epic offshore wave called ‘Salli’. On days when the swell and direction is right, the waves break on the outer reef. You can simply launch from the beach and kite to the wave, once you are done, you have an option to kite downwind to the kite lagoon or tack upwind and end at Kitesurfing Lanka again. It’s not to be done alone, however. We are also excited about Wing Foiling Donkey Point in Summer Season as well as enjoying the flat water in front of the camp in Summer.

There’s no such thing as boredom at Kitesurfing Lanka! The small islets, reef and sandbanks on the North of the peninsula present the perfect opportunity for downwinders and other kite trips. We organise several kite trips for you to choose from and you can kite at a different location each day of the week! Trips are organised weekly or upon demand.

Oh yes, yes, yes! Most of the kite trips we organise include a downwinder along sandbanks and islets with boat assistance. During the summer months we also organise mega downwinders; a two-day adventure from Kitesurfing Lanka to the north of Sri Lanka with overnight camping in remote areas. Prior bookings are a must as we need to get clearance from authorities.

A deposit of 100€ is required to confirm your booking.

For genuine reasons, we are always accommodating and refund fully but please let us know as soon as possible.

  • Accommodation of your choice
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner, all buffet style
  • Purified water, coffee, tea available 24h
  • Wi-fi in common areas
  • Uninterrupted power in the camp (yes, power cuts are real in Sri Lanka),
  • Use of Kayaks and Bicycles when available
  • Transport to the kite spot
  • Boat rescue service in two locations
  • Gear storage
  • Freebies and participating to the activities and games we host

For the sake of simplicity, we’ll create a bar tab for you which will be added to your final bill. You can ask the bar staff to check your tab at any time.

Please note we do not accept credit cards at our property. We prefer cash payment and accept any hard currency– Euro, USD etc or local currency. Bank transfer and Pay Pal payments can be arranged with fees on your expense.

Off course, excursions to national parks, cultural landmarks and other interest points can be booked at the reception. We offer half-day, full-day and two-day trips to nearby points of interest. If you’d like us to organise a longer trip please contact us via info@kitesurfinglanka.com or discuss directly at reception.

Sure, you can leave your gear in our storage room. Our camp is guarded and is generally very safe, however this is at your own risk.

There are no mandatory vaccinations required, but check with your doctor which one are advisable for visiting Sri lanka.

Precautions is always better than cure. We fumigate the camp grounds on a regular basis to get rid of mosquitos. We also have mosquito nets in the rooms. Kalpitiya is also situated in the dry zone so we actually don’t have many mosquitos during the season. We do have stray dogs in the village and we highly recommend guest not to pet or feed these animals.

We strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance before arrival. Saying that, however Sri Lanka medical system is very effective. The closest hospital in the Kalpitiya Base Hospital which is 30 minutes from the camp. For more serious injuries we need to send to the main city Puttalam which is 45 minutes drive. If Puttalam Base Hospital or the Private Hospital cannot attend to the matter, we then need to send to the Nawaloka Private Hospital in Negombo which is 3 ½ hour drive from Kitesurfing Lanka. A spinal board is kept on the beach just in case the staff need to administer first aid.

And you’ve heard right, that’s why we have a generator to ensure unlimited power supply to our camp.

Yes, there’s free WiFi in the camp, however not all rooms have good coverage and there is no WiFi on the kite spot.

Dialog has really good 4G coverage and very affordable rates.

All our meals are buffet style and the food is delicious! Our chef prepares a mix of traditional Sri Lankan food and European cuisine. Every weekend we have a big BBQ. There is an egg station each morning for breakfast.

Please let us know in advance what your requirements are we’ll do our best to accommodate that.

We sure do! Purified water, instant coffee and tea are available at no extra cost 24/7. If you swear by espresso coffee, our bar is open all day so you’ll definitely get your shot. There is also the Sunset Bar and Café and BNKR Café within the Kitesurfing Lanka property.

18. Our bar is at the heart of the kite camp and guests love to hang out here. Many friendships are made here. You can also get to know the staff of Kitesurfing Lanka here. Many of them love to play an array of games at the bar – Jenga, Cards, Backgammon, Cards against humanity, scrabble. You can choose between a selection of soft and alcoholic drinks, fresh fruit juices, smoothies, tea and espresso coffee (hard to come by in Sri Lanka!).
19. The Sunset beach bar and café is a great place to hang out after your kite session (in winter we kite right in front of it) and that’s also where our parties are held. You can expect a mix of live bands, DJs and spontaneous mischief that often turns into a great and lively night.
20. We thrive on being flexible and spontaneous too. Bonfires, karaoke, a midnight swim are all on the cards at Kitesurfing Lanka – never a dull day or night!