Kitesurfing for beginners

We have some of the best kite conditions for beginners to learn this amazing sport; warm, shallow and flat water, consistent wind and IKO certified instructors.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner or if you already tried kitesurfing before, our experienced and IKO certified instructors will accompany you on the way to becoming an independent and safe kitesurfer. We offer group and private lessons tailored to your level and progress. We love this sport and we’re sure so will you!

Our lagoon is great for absolute beginners and advanced riders alike and we provide courses for all levels from beginner lessons to advanced coaching in many languages : French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Sinhalese.

At the end of your internship you will receive an IKO card indicating your level, this card allows you to continue your progress and rent equipment in any kite school in the world.

Duotone kiteboarding


Is learning to kitesurf hard?

As with any new skill, learning to kitesurf is an uphill battle, but one that is so incredibly worth it! Anyone can learn to kitesurf and we’ve taught people of all shapes, sizes and ages – from small kids to grandpas, and they all had a great time.

The beauty of the IKO system is that the entire progression to becoming an independent rider is broken down to small wins. So no matter where you are in the lessons, you will be motivated to continue.



How long does it take to learn kitesurfing?

On average students need 8-12h to get up on the board and ride, however, this greatly depends on individuals. We recommend you commit to a minimum of 3 days of lessons in order to learn to ride. A typical kite lesson day consists of 3 hours class in the morning and 2 hours class in the afternoon (one kite day is about 5 hours of kitesurfing).



  • For a better experience, you should be reasonably comfortable in the water if you want to learn to kitesurf.
  • Good balance and core strength can make learning to kitesurf a whole lot easier!
  • Have a play on a board or try wakeboarding to get a headstart.
  • Read Paola’s experience in the kite school so you know what to expect.
  • If you have any injuries or medical conditions, check with your doctor first and notify your kite instructor.


Kite school packing list:

  1. Sunscreen – Even on cloudy days the solar radiation is very strong. We recommend you use suncream with SPF 50 or you can purchase our Organic Zinc Sunblock from the Kite Shop.
  2. Rashguard – If you have sensitive skin, or if you just arrived, we recommend you also protect your shoulders and arms with a long sleeve shirt or a rashguard. This will also protect you from any scratches that might be caused by the harness. Our funky KSL rashguards are available in the Kite Shop.
  3. Hat – During your lessons you will wear a helmet, but you might want to protect your head from the sun while at the beach.
  4. Sunglasses – Especially in your first lessons you will look up in the sky (and sun) a lot to see what your kite is doing. If your eyes are sensitive we recommend you wear sunglasses, just make sure to secure them with a band. You can also purchase water repellant sunglasses from our Kite Shop.
  5. Water bottle – There is a water dispenser at the beach where you can refill your water bottle and reusable water bottles are available in your room and at the camp.


Kitesurfing is an awesome sport, and we’re sure you’ll love it!



Kiteschool Rates

Lesson Type Details Duration & Price Per Person (Includes gear rental, transport)
DiscoveryKitesurfing You will learn the wind window theory, how to pilot a kite and the basic skills on foil kites. 2 hours 110€ (Individual) 70€ (group price if possible)
Level 1 Gives you more understanding of what kiteboarding is all about. Teaching of the wind mechanisms, the setting up of the equipment, the launching and piloting of the kite (2-4 lines), safety requirement. 3 hours 150€ (Individual) 105€ (group price if possible)
Level 1-2 Teaching of the wind mechanisms, the setting up of the equipment, the launching and piloting of the kite, safety requirements and Kite power management, body dragging, self-rescue, water start theories. 6 hours 275€ (Individual) 190€(group price if possible)
Level 1-2-3 The first 2 levels above are incorporated in the 9-hour course. Level 3 is to improve and have your first session in the water with the board. 9 hours 390€ (Individual) 270€(group price if possible)
Level 3 Advance Instruction package for anyone that has already had some kite lessons. Teaching includes going upwind, changing direction, board recovery, first jump. 3 hours 150€ (Individual) 105€ (group price if possible)
Private Lesson This is an individual private lesson, to improve your ability in kitesurfing. Learn to jump, board-off, unhook, wave riding, strapless, back roll, or just simple turns can be options. 1 hour – 60€
Kitefoil / Wingfoil Lesson This is an individual private lesson, to learn how to fly on the water using a foil. 2 hours – 160€


All lessons are billed per hour. The more hours you do the cheaper the lessons become.

A typical day would consist of approximately 4 – 6 hours of lesson. You can decide this with your instructor.

All lessons include equipment and transport to the kite spot.

You need to bring sun cream, sunglasses (can also buy at KSL) and booties if you have sensitive feet.

When you are awarded IKO Level 3 you will have the knowledge and skills to rent or buy kite gear, go out on your own and join us on our kite trips, and who knows, you might even want to join us in the Mega Downwinder for an epic kite adventure of a lifetime!

If you have any questions or doubts don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!