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We invite all world wanderers to venture to Kalpitiya and experience the power of nature at its finest! At Kitesurfing Lanka you have the chance to consciously and sustainably experience Sri Lanka’s natural beauty whilst having the adventure of a lifetime!


So, how do we support your quest for an environmentally sustainable adventure in Sri Lanka?

Close to the beach and surrounded by greenery and jungle, guests can expect to rest well in our vibrant island escape. Featuring endless examples of upcycling and repurposed draftwood, the design of our camp is in harmony with nature, blending and co-existing with the island’s native environment. Utilising numerous forms of energy conservation, an abundance of plants naturally cools the camp whilst the buildings are designed to maximise air flow, reducing our need for air conditioning

Our camp is the perfect place to learn about and experience the awesome power of nature that is so evident in Sri Lanka. By staying with us, you indirectly contribute to the conservation of this area and directly benefit the local community, the real custodians of Kalpitiya’s natural resources who actively help to conserve valuable biodiversity. We prioritize staff knowledge and conduct regular training on up-to-date environmental practices.

In line with our focus on maximising the preservation of our planet, guests are invited to offset their carbon footprint by assisting in our environment rehabilitation and Mangrove planting projects, alongside helping with our regular community beach clean-ups.  (Read the story here –

Organic and environmentally friendly bathing products are available to purchase in our shop. Our in house Sustainability duo, Marge and Michael, also hold regular workshops on how you can live a more environmentally conscious life, post vacation – topics range from creating homemade bathing products to waste reduction activities.


So, that all sounds great, what about the bigger picture?

As a pioneer in ecologically aware tourism in this region, Kitesurfing Lanka prides itself on our conservation credentials, aiming to establish a more environmentally aware travel industry in Sri Lanka.

Through collaborating with like-minded organizations, we are actively trying to reduced our carbon footprint and aim to become a zero waste facility. We actively reduced the introduction and consumption of single use plastic across our facilities. From simple steps like serving your fresh coconut with a metal straw rather than using plastic, to a comprehensive waste management program, we’re becoming equipped waste warriors and would love for you to join us on our journey!


Owners Dilsiri Welikala and Leo Moret discuss the future of Kitresuring Lanka’s sustainability program


We recognize that tourism leaves behind a carbon footprint – and our goal is to reduce this footprint as much as possible.

When you chose a camp like ours, you not only chose to have an adventure of a lifetime in an environment that captures the raw beauty and authentic spirit of Sri Lanka, you also chose to preserve the islands natural environment, culture and heritage

If you want to learn more about our ecological initiatives or have suggestions of you own, please let us know at [email protected], subject line ‘Sustainability’.


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