Our story commences with a calling, a calling to follow a dream. Dil and Leo both loved Kitesurfing and it was as if all forces of the universe brought them together, through a blog, an email, a kite trip and then a friendship which ultimate lyled to them teaming up to start the most EPIC Kiting Company in the World.

This piece of paradise in Kalpitiya is a reflection of the joint personalities of both and Leo. Architects and Landscapers were not used, everything you see – even the placements of each rock in the garden is theirs. The atmosphere is that of a chilled-out vibe where once you enter you tend to forget the worries of the world; you might never want to leave!

Kitesurfing Lanka prides itself of its staff, each a unique personality that you will get to know when you visit. Almost all share in the passion of Kitesurfing even though some might not even know how to swim! They’d continue to smile, inquisitive to know about you and the stories you will like to share.

Our ethos also includes making a difference, we have been able to positively change a sleepy little fishing village and create a new industry in Sri Lanka. An industry which gives hope to those who had none. We strive to ensure that our presence does not adversely impact the environment and take it upon ourselves to be the stewards that share this message.