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Tuesday October 20, 2020

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Kitesurfing Lanka has made Kalpititya to one of the top locations for Kitesurfing worldwide. If you’re not a kitesurfer and just want a family getaway with your kids in tow, no problem! Kitesurfing Lanka has much more to offer, it is an oasis for everybody and especially for kids like a Neverland in Peter Pan.

If you are looking for a holiday with lots of activities and haven’t been to the north-west of Sri Lanka, yet then we have put everything together that you need to know: This is our ultimate activity guide for a family trip to Kitesurfing Lanka.

First of all, there’s plenty to do without even having to leave the camp! Kitesurfing Lanka is a safe, secure and child-friendly spot and surrounded by nature where you can find a peaceful holiday. The great thing is, whether the hotel is booked out or not you won’t sit on each other’s lap as the premises is huge. It even has a kilometer-long beach at the doorstep. Here you can feel the freedom like being on a lonely island.


Our massive resort is kind of a natural playground for the little ones. While you’re having a chill session in a hammock or a drink at the bar, your children can discover our palm tree garden easily and safely by themselves. No matter if it’s a treasure hunt, obstacle races, or discovering the hidden corners with self-made figures, paintings, or art pieces, there is something new to discover every single day!

Kayaking is a perfect way to explore the coastline for the whole family. You may even catch a glimpse of turtles, dolphins, and other marine animals. The best part is, all the kayaks are free of charge for our guests! If you prefer a guided kayaking tour to Willapatu National Park or Kappalady Lagoon, we can also organize that for you.

Fishing or crab hunting is an activity that is fun for kids and keeps their minds busy learning more about the nature and biodiversity of Sri Lanka. In our own lagoon, children can turn into little pirates and get support from our passionate fisherman Tilak. He will show all his tricks to catch the prey!

Kitesurfing Lanka is a reflection of our passion for nature and is committed to recycling and the use of sustainable materials from our surroundings and beach clean-ups. We recycle everything and turn it into art. All over the camp, you will find wonderful unique pieces. Our artist and creative head Ranthija leads our craft workshops, and together with you, will make something special to take back home or place somewhere in the camp.

If you dare to look beyond the fences of Kitesurfinglanka, then hop on one of our free bicycles and explore the area. Not far away you can ride around a lake or through the small surrounding villages. There is almost no traffic and therefore it is very family-friendly, you only have to watch out for goats and cows!

We organize dolphin and whale watching tours for the whole family with a max. of 6 people on a boat. These organized tours make the experience unique. We make sure to respect these beautiful animals and ensure the tours are ethical. These guys are so curious and playful, they always come to say hi, jumping playfully for everyone’s amusement. All tours are carried out by certified guides who have been trained by Kitesurfing Lanka. They will do a brief on the types of the Dolphins/ Whales we see in addition to sharing valuable information about their behavior and threats these animals face due to overfishing. In case you or the kids might not feel good, you can decide when to go back to shore. And if the kids can not get enough, we have a huge sperm whale skeleton statue next to our camp as well.

Did your kids love the Jungle Book and always wanted to see a leopard or elephant in wildlife? Here’s your chance! Wilpattu National Park is home to leopards, elephants, crocodiles, rare birds, and many more exotic animals. You will start early in the morning at Kitesurfing Lanka, then take a boat or a jeep with your own driver to go into the park to spot as many of these incredible animals as you can. Your hearts will skip a beat and the world will feel like it is turning slower when a leopard looks in your eyes. Pure goosebumps and an unforgettable experience!

What is the best way to end an exciting day in paradise? A bonfire with all our guests facing the Indian Ocean, listening to stories of each other, playing music together, or dance around the fire.

Slackline, Pétanque, Darts, a selection of books, and many board games can turn any rainy day into a relaxed afternoon filled with fun!

Do your kids get bored easily? Not at Kitesurfing Lanka! We also have a swimming pool next door or the calm ocean in front of the camp, a volleyball field on the beach, family yoga classes, scuba diving, and of course kitesurfing. Our team supports you with awesome hospitality with every request.

If you plan a weekend or a whole holiday with us and want a bit of time for yourself. For advanced bookings, we can organize a nanny for your kids. While you enjoy your holiday the most with a day of relaxing on the beach, diving, kitesurfing, or exploring the temples of Sigiriya or Anuradapura, our experienced nannies take care of your little ones.

If this sounds like the perfect spot for a family getaway, you haven’t seen our accommodations yet! We top it up with super comfortable accommodation and delicious buffets 3 times a day. We make sure your kids get special treatments and the food that they love.


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