We all know how hard it can be to travel with your kite gear so don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

There are gear rental options at the kite spot and you can choose from a vast range of sizes and models. We also have surf and foil boards available, please let us know in advance if you wish to rent the later to ensure availability.

You can take our gear on our kite trips and even the Mega Downwinder, or use it for your advanced kite coaching lessons.

Gear storage is also available at the entrance of the camp. There are safety cameras and our security guard’s booth is located right in front of the storage for added safety. You can also leave your gear in our storage room while you explore the island. Our camp is guarded and is generally very safe, however, this is at your own risk.

There is a well-stocked kite shop in the camp where you can purchase anything from biodegradable sunscreen to kite gear, and we also have a professional kite repair shop on site.


Kitesurf gear rental price

1/2 Day 1 day
Full Kite Gear 45€ 70€
Kite foil 80€
Wingfoil 50€ 80€

All prices are in Euro. The equipment is checked daily for optimal safety and learning experience

Gear rental is included with your lessons in the price of our kite school and Kitesurfing Lanka is an awesome spot to learn and progress your kitesurfing skills!