World's Best Kitesurfing: Kalpitiya

Kitesurfing Lanka is a special place. It’s now 13 years since it was started by fellow kiters Dilsiri Welikala – Sri Lanka’s first local Kite Instructor and Frenchmen Léo Moret. Their story of how it started is epic. 

Dil, Leo, and the KSL staff are stoked to welcome you to our camp and kite school. We are located on the West Coast of Sri Lanka in Kalpitiya, on the peninsula of Puttalam and we’re not your average kind of hotel. Kitesurfing Lanka, our little piece of paradise in Kalpitiya, is a reflection of our hard work and passion for kitesurfing, nature, and the community.

Our property is 10 acres with a lagoon and beachfront access. It’s lovingly maintained and there’s something for everyone here. 

In Kalpitiya there are two distinct kite seasons – the summer season which runs from May to October and the winter season from mid-December to mid-March. Both summer and winter are warm, dry, and windy, but the wind direction changes making every spot a new adventure! Most of our kite trips run year-round, with a select few that are season dependent.

The Indian Ocean is ideal for kitesurfing, and the best thing is that it’s right in front of the camp! The small islets, reefs, and sandbanks along the north of the peninsula present the perfect opportunity for downwinders and other kite trips. We organize several kite trips for you to choose from, ranging from beginner level to advanced, and you can kite at a different location each day of the week!

There are several accommodation options for you to choose from – beach view bungalows, lagoon view premium bungalows, garden view bungalows, double room garden villas, 4 bedroom villas, and glamping tents. In addition, we also offer kitesurfing lessons – from beginner courses to advanced coaching, kite trips, a fitness center through our partnership with the BNKR, there is a kite shop and kite repair in the camp and we also offer kite rentals. There’s also a lot of free activities and services, as well as excursion opportunities for no wind days and non-kiters.

We are rated #1 on TripAdvisor. Our guests love our food: local fruits and vegetables from the village, fresh seafood brought in by the fishermen each morning. You’ll get to enjoy a mix of Sri Lankan Cuisine like Rice & Curry, Hoppers, and Kottu as well as a range of Western Dishes. There’s free tea, coffee, and drinking water available around the clock.

We strive to ensure that our presence does not adversely impact the environment and are committed to recycling and the use of sustainable materials. Kitesurfing Lanka’s sustainability efforts are run through its Green Kite Initiative which you be part of. We continue to make a major impact not just in Kalpitiya but the world over! Join in on one of our many sustainability projects and help the cause!

What's  cooking for the 2024 season?

  • Mega Downwinder from Kalpitiya to Mannar is on in the summer season!
  • Donkey point going strong with kite rental, surf board rental, drinks, snack, music... and a rescue boat on the spot each afternoon.
  • Access to out neighbours Swimming pool for all our guests while we finish ours
  • Air Condition in garden bungalows and in the private Villa.
  • The Beach Bungalows are finished and look oh so good!
  • Kitefoil lessons and foil rental is available
  • Don't want to say too much, but if you like tapas, watch this space!

Where are we located ?

KSL is situated in cool village in Kalpitiya. Its situated on the North West Coast of Sri Lanka on the Puttalam Pennisula. 3 hours drive from the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) and 4 hours drive from the capital, Colombo. Experience uncrowded beaches, Kalpitiya is not spoilt by mass tourism!

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