Your journey to KSL can be via our taxi (easiest option) or by public transport.

  1. From the Colombo/ Airport drive along the Main Negombo Road
  2. You need to pass the town of Chilaw and proceed on to the Puttalam Road
  3. Drive along the Puttalam Road until you reach the Palavi Junction at the 120 KM Post
  4. Turn left at this junction and drive along the Kalpitiya Road for 36 KM
  5. Just past the 36 KM you will come to a junction called Kandakuliya Beach Road. There is Tuk Tuk stop and stores at the junction.
  6. Turn left at this junction and proceed for approximately 3 KM (don’t turn to any other roads, stick to the tar road)
  7. You will pass the Muslim School and the road will bend to the right. On the right hand side you will see a gravel road (we also have a Kitesurfing Lanka sign board on the wall at the top of the road).
  8. Turn right there and proceed until you go over a culvert.
  9. Once you go over the culvert on the left is a big blue gate. That’s us!

** If you come by bus and stop at the Kalpitiya Bus stand, we have a regular Tuk Tuk driver. His name is Lal and he can bring you to our camp for Rs. 500 (Euro 3) +94724485500.

Important Contact Numbers

    • Tikiri (Resident Manager/ Reservations) (+94) 7730038467
    • Lasanthi (General Manager/ Reservations) (+94) 779208445
    • Tilak (+94) 77 003 8465
    • Dil (+94) 773 686 235
    • Leo (+33) 685 154 789

If we dont answer, simply send a text. As mentioned, the best way for communication is via e mail. We will respond within a few hours.

Access Map

Address: Kitesurfing Lanka, Dutch Bay Road (Kudawa Road), Kandakuliya Beach Road, Kalpitiya