We have some of the BEST KITE LOCATIONS for beginners to learn this amazing sport in the WHOLE WORLD! The conditions are perfect. Our flat water lagoon is great for absolute beginners and advanced riders alike!

What are we offering ?

All our instructors are International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) certified.

We will ensure that you will get a pre-course manual to help speed up the learning process. Upon completion, students will get their IKO Kiteboarder Cards which enables them to rent and use kitesurfing gear anywhere in the world. Options to purchase Kiteboarder manuals are also available. A free T-Shirt is also given while stocks last!


A typical kite lesson day : 3 hours class in the morning and 2 hours class in the afternoon (one kite day is about 5 hours of kitesurfing).

We provide courses for all levels from beginner to advanced rider in many languages :
French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Sinhalese.


Kiteschool Rates

Lesson TypeDetailsDuration & Price Per Person (Includes gear rental, transport)
DiscoveryKitesurfingYou will learn the wind window theory, how to pilot a kite and the basic skills on foil kites.2 hours 90€ (Individual) 60€ (group price if possible)
Level 1Gives you more understanding of what kiteboarding is all about. Teaching of the wind mechanisms, the setting up of the equipment, the launching and piloting of the kite (2-4 lines), safety requirement.3 hours 135€ (Individual) 90€ (group price if possible)
Level 1-2Teaching of the wind mechanisms, the setting up of the equipment, the launching and piloting of the kite, safety requirements and Kite power management, body dragging, self-rescue, water start theories.6 hours 250€ (Individual) 165€(group price if possible)
Level 1-2-3The first 2 levels above are incorporated in the 9-hour course. Level 3 is to improve and have your first session in the water with the board.9 hours 350€ (Individual) 240€(group price if possible)
Level 3 AdvanceInstruction package for anyone that has already had some kite lessons. Teaching includes going upwind, changing direction, board recovery, first jump.3 hours 135€ (Individual) 90€ (group price if possible)
Private LessonThis is an individual private lesson, to improve your ability in kitesurfing. Learn to jump, board-off, unhook, wave riding, strapless, back roll, or just simple turns can be options.1 hour – 50€
Kitefoil LessonThis is an individual private lesson, to learn how to fly on the water using a foil.2 hours – 160€
All lessons are per hour. The more hours you do the cheaper the lessons become. A typical day would consist of approximately 4 – 6 hours of lesson. You can decide this with your instructor. All lessons include equipment and transport. You need to bring sun cream, sunglasses (can also buy at KSL) and booties if you have sensitive feet.

Kitesurf gear rental

1 day3 days5 days1 week10 days2 weeks
Board20 €50 €80 €100 €130 €175 €
Kite60 €150 €230 €300 €390 €520 €
Harness10 €25 €35 €50 €65 €85 €
Boots5 €10 €15 €20 €25 €30 €
Full equipment60 €150 €230 €300 €390 €520 €
 Kitefoil80 €
All prices are in Euro. The equipment is checked daily for optimal safety and learning experience