Choose between our in camp bar or the beach bar!

Our bar staff are amazing and will make sure you have a great time. We serve a variety of juices, smoothies, milkshakes, coffees, and of course alcoholic beverages (maybe try a KSL special if you’re feeling adventurous!). There are also a variety of games behind the bar so if you fancy a game just ask.

Our bartenders make delicious fresh juices with fruits from the village, like pineapple, papaya, mango & banana. If you are dehydrated from a long kite session we suggest drinking a royal coconut to refresh your mind and body.

We serve national beers and a rich list of cocktails to enjoy in the evening, and before leaving Sri Lanka, you must try the traditional and famous Old Arrack which is made from coconuts.

The KSL bar has an espresso machine with Sri Lankan coffee: “Old Ceylon”. Come to the bar and choose your “Café”: Espresso, Cappuccino, Café Latte, Café Royal, Espresso Banana and Café Shakerato.

On some nights we organize a bonfire on the beach side and at least once a month we organize a beach side party with local artist and DJs.




We have a big team in the kitchen at KSL. Both Leo and Dil enjoy their food so we pay special attention to this. Our chef prepares a yummy mix of traditional Sri Lankan food and European cuisine, and a vast array of vegetarian and meat dishes. We use fresh produce all year, local fruits, vegetables and fresh seafood caught by the fishermen right in front of the kite camp.

In the morning you can enjoy a breakfast buffet with fresh fruits, yoghurt, cereals, eggs of your choice, a Sri Lankan dish along with coffee, tea and milk.

For lunch and dinner, our Sri Lankan chef subtly mixes Sri Lankan dishes like Rice & Curry, Hoppers and Kottu, as well as western specialties. Did we forget to mention our desserts?

Our restaurant can receive outside guests, everyone can come to enjoy the KSL buffet or choose the “a la carte” option. If our guest want to have a special meal, Crabs, Lobsters, Fresh Oysters or anything we can prepare it for you with adequate notice.

Every Saturday night we have our famous Barbeque with an array of salads, meat and seafood in abundance. A lot of travelers love the BBQ because along with the tasty food, we have a nice atmosphere.

If you are vegetarian, vegan, or have any others special diets, please let us know in advance and our chef will prepare a special meal for you. And if you celebrate a birthday, a wedding or another special occasion, you can check with us and we can prepare it for you.