Yoga at Kitesurfing Lanka

Yoga helps prevent injuries and shortens the recovering time between the kite sessions. It can be a great complementary exercise to kitesurfing as it will help improve your flexibility, strength, and balance, as well as strengthen your mind. A session of yoga class generally consists a number of long stretches that work mainly the lower body (hips, pelvises, lower back, knees); these stretches are associated with a combination of slow deep breathing. This type of yoga can be practiced by all levels from beginner to experienced.


yoga sri lanka


Yoga is more than a form of sport.

Yoga means Union. The union with your body and soul which we can achieve through meditation, breathing and practicing asana (body postures). It’s a choice of thinking, it’s a life style. With the yoga techniques we can unite our mind, body and spirit. After you have experienced a few yoga lessons on our magical wooden outdoor platform you may even want to incorporate a yoga practice into you daily life.


2 daily yoga classes


***YOGA BEFORE: 12.00 am

In the morning it is important to warm up muscles and ligaments to strengthen and stretch them for kitesurfing. Yoga helps to start the day fit and fully motivated.

*** YOGA AFTER: 18.00 pm

Repair you body after a long day, yoga postures and relaxation help to relax you body and mind. The muscles and ligaments are stretched again in order to start the recovery process actively and accelerate it. Rejuvenate and recharge your energy to be ready for the next day.