Are you interested in learning about sustainability and how to decrease your impact on the planet but don’t know where to start? Have you been looking for a relaxing retreat to deepen your yoga practice and knowledge of self, while also learning how to make your own natural cosmetics or cleaning products? Here at FREETREATING we invite you to embark on an exciting journey designed to help you ground and transform your life in a way that will nourish your universe, mind, body and soul.

The basis of this retreat is full board, not just when it comes to three healthy, delicious meals and accommodation, but also when it comes to all daily yoga and sustainability classes.

Immerse yourself in our all-inclusive yoga&sustainability retreat, designed to ground, rise and free yourself. All Hatha, Kundalini, Yin and Yoga Therapy classes plus all daily 1 hour DIY organic vegan cosmetic/household courses are included, as are your healthy, nutritious, delicious, vegan meals! And yes, this includes a fantastic dessert! We offer daily fresh fruits and vegetarian breakfast additions if you wish. At our bar we sell vegan cocktails/mocktails, homemade ice-teas and super charge juices and smoothies to replenish your tastebuds, mind and muscles! You get to try a (virgin if you wish) Vegan Colada as a welcome drink to help you settle in…


Available dates & pricing:

November 1-7 ///  November 16-22 /// March 15-21 

€372 / +-73000rp for 7days/6nights, double occupancy pp of a Bungalow

€402 / +-78800rp for 7days/6nights, single occupancy of a Bungalow


Daily schedule:

8AM-9.15AM Morning yoga session

Breakfast available between 8AM-10.30AM

11AM-12.15PM Sustainabiliteam class

Lunch available between 1PM-2.30PM

5.30PM-6.45PM Evening yoga session

Dinner available between 7PM-9PM

* Tea, coffee and water free of charge 24/7.


The Sustainabiliteam DIY vegan, organic and groundwater&coral friendly cosmetics classes take around 1 hour per day. We offer you all the recipes we have developed so far for our resorts per email during your stay and you can of course take the products with you after the workshops you attend.

  • Soap bars with local cinnamon&clove or for the coffee lovers; soap with espresso!
  • Ayurvedic soap powder to rebalance PH of hair, face and body
  • Zinc waterproof sunblock SPF50+ & Zinc waterproof sunscreen SPF30
  • Cinnamon and/or white chocolate lipbalm with or without SPF20
  • Aloe vera after sun with cooling mint
  • Remineralizing toothpaste oil
  • A class focussed on improving your household sustainability standards easily with easy peasy recipes for laundry powder, dishwasher blocks, foamy toilet blocks, skin friendly handsoap, glass cleaner, degreaser, etc.
  • ….and any other recipes our Sustainabiliteam develops in between now and your booking you will receive in your email box, for free of course. Because our game is to turn everyone worldwide into their own sustainability hub. Team up with us on Facebook @Sustainabiliteam and on Instagram @Sustainabiliteamup.

#powertothepeople #nocopyrightonknowledge


And what’s on the touristy menu?

  • Supping (included)
  • Kayaking (included)
  • Kayaking trips in the mangroves (3500rp/+-€18,-)
  • Safari’s; check out our trips
  • Kitesurfing if there’s wind (from €50 and up)
  • CrossFit at THE BNKR, our cool sister company on the beach, whose cafe offers vegan, gluten free pizza’s and taco’s with pulled jackfruit…..yum!
  • Private Yoga Therapy (€35,- 1 hour) depending on your needs, we asses your physical or mental challenge(s), followed by asana training, pranayama and a guided meditation or a singing bowl sound bath, tailored for your well-being. Bring a note pad and pen to take notes and continue to treat yourself at home!
  • SPECIAL: Daily art classes to help you find your truth. Run on request by vegan artist and chef Gayani Sewwandi, available from the 1st until the 4th of October (included, but donations welcome for girls orphanage in Kandy!)
  • SPECIAL: Vegan cooking classes on request. Run by vegan artist and chef Gayani Sewwandi, available from the 1st until the 4th of October (2300rp/+-€11,50)
  • Additionally, we run our camp increasingly environmentally friendly and are very excited to share with you how we do it if you’d like to learn for yourself, free of charge. Only thing we need from you is enthusiasm and a sign up to tag along on our eco tours of the camp.
  • Feel free to get involved with planting mangroves or learn the basics of making compost.


Where are we?

Situated on the Kalpitiya peninsula in the North-West of the island, we are surrounded by water, sand and trees. A quick tuk tuk ride will take you to the biggest town on the peninsula, Kalpitiya. Feed your cultural interest (from the first landing place of the Buddha, to thousands of years old Sri Lankan monasteries and artifacts, to the more recent colonial buildings), explore nature (from whales to bears to snakes to turtles to leopards!) or simply stay here and focus on yourself or your yoga practice, on our lush yoga dock on the water of the lagoon.



About your yoga trainer, Margriet Hospers:

Margriet (Marge) started her journey on the path of yoga 10 years ago in India, after a car accident left her with neck and brain damage. Through the deep conviction that our healing powers are locked within ourselves, she started to guide her body and mind back to balance. Her motivation to share yoga is to align individual balance with the earths well-being. This also motivates her work as sustainability coordinator for Kite Surfing Lanka, where she and her partner guide the camp to be an even more functional part of our eco system. She joined KSL 5 months ago and shares with us Hatha, Yin, Kundalini and Yoga Therapy, with a focus on alignment for an open posture and healthy breathing.

About your sustainability coordinator, Michiel Hoekstra:

Michiel brings in a ton of knowledge about sustainable living together with his partner in crime, Marge. They used to live in an eco village, now they take that expertise half way around the globe to activate more people to join the environmental friendly side! As an eco-dive master Michiels primary motivation for teaching about sustainability is to restore balance to the marine eco system. Where better to kick-start a healing ripple effect than on the banks of the ocean?


About our visiting vegan chef and artist between the 1st and the 4th of November:

Gayani Sewwandi spends most of her time in the UK, but works for the world through her arts. Throughout the UK you can find her life sized murals and giant animal sculptures, fully covered in her unique Sri Lankan floral art. Her roots extend all the way to the heart of our island and we are lucky she travels back to share her arts with us. Alongside the arts, she introduces traditional Sri Lankan vegan cooking to England and hosts cooking shows and deluxe vegan catering. Her world view and work as a successful artist is right in line with her open-minded environmental activistism.


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