Our yoga dock on the lagoon,

every single night is like watching a play unfold.


80 euros per night all incl.

Book any amount of days anytime in between October 15th – October 28th or between Nov 8 – Nov 23rd

Enjoy a new type of retreating; Freetreating! You’re free to treat yourself with the full 4 hours of daily yoga, or to just take time for you, make it as intense as you want. The goal of this retreat is to allow enough time to be a tourist, to read books in a bean bag, to lounge around on the beach or in the bar. Enjoy a vacation while paying lots of attention to your grounding. We are a relaxed, fun and eco-minded all-inclusive resort, focussing on providing yoga to you. Everything is all-inclusive, not just when it comes to healthy, delicious food and accommodation, but also when it comes to all daily yoga.
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from 130 euros per night, 5 nights/6 days, 650 euros in total.

Join us Oct 21st – Oct 26th or Nov 12th – Nov 17th.

This retreat we ground the mind and body in the most wholesome way; we offer a yoga retreat combined with ‘do-it-yourself’ courses for cosmetics and household soaps developed by our sustainability team, as we aim together to create a ripple effect for the environment. The cosmetics we teach to the locals and tourists alike, are skin, ground water and marine-life friendly. Let your immune system do its thing as you use ingredients (we provide everything you need) and products that enhance your body function, rather than slow down your lymphnodes, liver and kidneys. What better basis to create a stronger body and mind-set on during a yoga retreat?
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WHM yoga retreat

From 150 euro’s per night, 6 nights/7 days, 900 euro’s total.

Nov 27-Dec 3 & Dec 7-Dec 13

Utilize the true healing capacity of your body and mind during this 6 day WHM (Wim Hof Method) and yoga retreat. Let your breath take you to different parts of your consciousness, as you set yourself up with a powerful mindset and a stronger body using the classis tools of the Wim Hof Method; breathwork, cold exposure and yoga.
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Open Brain x KiteSurfing Lanka: Creative Impulse

110 euro’s per night, 3 nights/4 days, 330 euro’s total

It’s on between Nov 1st to Nov 4th!

Anything goes, no razor sharp talents needed, just some guts to spill!
Get a boost of fun and confidence during this creatively triggering yoga retreat . Transform these days into a challenge of honesty to yourself and lasting personal growth, while we guide you to practice 2 x daily a 75 min yoga class + 2 x daily a creative activity. Practice how to offer your creativity to the world with fun and therefore; pride! There is lots of space to be creative in ways that are stimulating to you personally and potentially transformative.
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