Sri Lanka : Best country to travel to in 2019 1

Sri Lanka : Best country to travel to in 2019

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Lonely Planet recently declares Sri Lanka as the #1 country for travel in 2019.

Why should Sri Lanka be your next travel destination?

Last year, more than 2 million people came as tourists and the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority hopes to double this number by 2020. Sri Lanka is a beautiful but much-underrated country and we believe there are many reasons why you should pop it right to the top of your bucket list to travel to in 2019.

Nature : lush green or deep blue

Sri Lanka has a rich and accessible wildlife that attracts trekkers, nature lovers, and adventurers. More than 300 elephants are gathered in Minneriya national park, there’s whale watching options, the cutest and some massive turtles, comodo dragons roaming around and you might even get lucky enough to spot a leopard. You can easily find peaceful places where to stay, relax, and enjoy the jungle surrounding you.
Sri Lanka : Best country to travel to in 2019 2

Adventure : from the mountains to the sea

If you are into active holidays, you will definitely enjoy hiking and train travel through the Hill Country’s tea plantations. The surf scene on the south is blooming and the kitesurfing is some of the best in the world. There’s jungle walks, waterfalls waiting for you to be explored, and some awesome fun to be har on the rivers canyoning or rafting.
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Culture : a rich experience

The culture and the mix of religions are an important point for people searching for a human adventure and a complete change from their daily life. You can also visit timeless temples, thousand-year-old Buddhist monuments, that also reflect this rich background.

Sri Lanka : Best country to travel to in 2019 4

Infrastructures : a country ready to welcome you

One decade after the end of civil war, transports and accommodations have been improved all around the island. From homestays to eco retreats or ayurvedic centers, a huge investment has been done in new visitors accommodations infrastructure.
Now you discovered a bit more about this amazing country, no excuses not to make Sri Lanka your next destination!