Hydrofoiling : how to master the waterstart with your hydrofoil board

You’ve probably heard it a few times, learning how to hydrofoil is hard, difficult, tough, painful, scary… ⁠⁠But hey, nothing good ever comes without effort! Hydrofoiling shouldn’t scare you as it is perfectly⁠ safe and not too hard to master if you learn in a safe environment.⁠ We’ve put together a little blog post to help you master the waterstart, […]

Kite trip Sri Lanka — the ultimate packing list

Your kite trip in Sri Lanka is all booked, you’ve got your visa, flights, and accommodation sorted, all you need to do now is pack and show up at the airport. But packing! Does anyone ever enjoy that? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back with this ultimate kite trip packing list! The summer season is just around the corner and […]

Sri Lanka : Best country to travel to in 2019

Lonely Planet recently declades Sri Lanka as the #1 country for travel in 2019. Why should Sri Lanka be your next travel destination? Last year, more than 2 million people came as tourists and the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority hopes to double this number by 2020. Sri Lanka is a beautiful but much-underrated country and we believe there are […]