Nature in Sri Lanka

We’re very lucky to be surrounded here in Sri Lanka by amazing scenery and nature. Check out this short video from Vayu Resort showcasing some of what there is to offer other than kitesurfing!

Become a darkslide master!

The dark slide is one of those tricks that everyone wants to learn at some point, it’s one of the most common requests during my advanced lessons or clinics, and I personally love doing them, so lets talk through the basics of how to learn them. There are a few key skills needed to do […]

Dolphin and Whale watching at KSL

Besides kitesurfing, in the winter season and just after (December-April) another draw for people coming to Kalpitiya is to see some the dolphins and whales just off the coast. It’s not uncommon to see pods of spinner dolphins numbering in the hundreds or even thousands! At this time of year the water is calmer so […]

Epic Catamaran Adventures at KSL

Our 3 day catamaran kitesurf safaris were a great success last year, with everyone progressing like mad and having a great time to boot. Check out the video below and get frothing for these trips coming your way in 2018! Email [email protected] for more information on our summer 2018 trips

kappalady kite camp

Check out our new KSL kitecamp on Kappalady lagoon !

Kappalady Kitecamp is our new kitesurfing camp at Kappalady lagoon on the west coast of Sri Lanka, 2 hours drive from the international airport. We provide beginner lessons but our speciality is advanced courses & kite clinics. Zac, our kitesurf coach, will bring you to the next level in no time ont the perfect flat butter lagoon of […]

Kitesurfing Lanka Winter 2016 & Summer 2017

Kitesurfing Lanka has seen amazing success and now expands. Our camp will see many improvements as well. Visitors year on year leave happy and are stoked each time they visit. Our team has remained the same. You will meet them all from Tikiri to Raji to the squirrels in the garden to Wendy our Mascot […]

Safely learn to kitesurf

Kitesurfing becoming increasingly popular, the sport and leisure sees the number of its followers multiply each year. His fans are not only composed of youth. Indeed, those who are so young also get a taste. However, to fully enjoy this activity, the beginner has to go through a few steps. This in order to quickly […]

Visit our new website!

Welcome on our new website. We have extended the activities section as well as the accommodation and kitesurf parts. Please feel free to check it out and share the word ;-)