Kalpitiya (Big) Lagoon

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Kalpitiya (Big) Lagoon


Kalpitiya lagoon is the main kite spot where our watersports centre with gear rental and the kite school hut are located. Transport (10 min) to the lagoon is organised twice per day and it is free of charge. There are complimentary water dispensers in the beach huts and a selection of cold soft drinks is available for purchase. If you wish to kitesurf over the lunch break we can deliver a lunch pack to the spot for you.
The Big lagoon is, as the name suggests, big! At almost a kilometer wide and about two kilometers long it can cater to hundreds of kitesurfers. Water ranges from flat to choppy and, depending on the direction, the wind can be either smooth & clear or a bit gusty.

There is a designated beginner area where the beginner lessons run from and we ask all independent riders to stay clear of it.

During Summer you can kite from KSL to the Big Lagoon and vice versa during Winter.

What's included?

  • Transport
  • Beach Hut
  • Rescue Boat
  • Water
Trip Type Details Price (for inhouse guests)
Half / Full Free transport twice per day 0EU

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