Epic kitesurf boat trips and downwinders around Kalpitiya

There are several small islets, reef and sandbanks on the North of the peninsula, between the Ocean and the lagoon, which present a perfect place for downwinders and other kite trips, including camping on the desert islets.

Kitetrips are organized on a weekly basis.  However we are able to be flexible to cater to your specific need as well. Prices can vary according to the location, the duration and your personal requests. The price includes the boat/vehicle transport (if necessary), food, drink and lodging (dependent on the duration of the trip).

  • Wave Riding
  • Epic Downwind Sessions (Lagoon/Sea/Both)
  • Island Hopping in Paradise
  • Excursions to other parts of Sri Lanka

Great downwinders & kite safari !

Check out this video of an epic downwinder from Talawilla Church to the KSL camp

Kitesurf Spots around Kalpitiya

Kalpitiya lagoon

Kalpitiya lagoon is located 5 minutes from the camp. We have our kite center on the beach : rescue boat, kite rental, kite lesson, drinks, music, chair, table, hammock and food for the lunch. We organize free schedule transport to this spot. This is a flat water spot, the lagoon is shallow, perfect for all level kiter.


Vella island – KSL Hideaway

Discovered by Leo and Dil, this spot is one of the best in the world. We travel by boat from Kalpitiya passing a peaceful landscape which separates the lagoon from the ocean. After one hour we stop on a small island to setup our kites, then we kite 10km downwind, along sandbars, passing quiet fishing villages- a great time to play around, explore the untouched coastline before arriving at our favorite spot in Sri Lanka!
Safety boats will be following behind to help if you have any problems and will watch out for you all day. Enjoy a 2.5km bay, at a perfect angle to the wind, creating world class kiting conditions. Off-shore wind gives you kilometers of glassy flat water and so much space. We have a comfortable kite station on the Island with hammocks, beanbags, chairs and plenty of shade, with a nice view of the kite area. We also offer advanced lessons at this spot for those of you wanting to progress with new tricks. We provide a tasty lunch and cold drinks, safety boats and return transport. Experienced IKO Level II instructors will be watching over you for your safety. We offer overnight camping here as well for continued fun!


Donkey spot

Donkey spot is located 300 meters from the camp, this is a wave spot and flat water spot. We provide a free safety boat to this spot 2 times a week. This spot is walking distance from the camp. The wind quality of this spot is really good.


Puttalam – The big kahuna

This is large expanse of sheltered water between here and the mainland of Sri Lanka. There are some lovely places to kite around and explore. We will take you on a journey, starting close by KSL; we will travel by boat for 25mins to our favorite little island we found there, where you will find huge areas of flat water to play in. Kite around small islands, go upwind exploring before we kite further downwind, landing close to Kalpitiya where we will be brought back to the camp. We provide drinks and small snacks and a safety boat. IKO Level II instructors will be on the trip watching over you.


Dream spot

Dream spot is located 15 minutes boat trip from the Kalpitiya lagoon. A sand bank separate the sea from the lagoon so one one side you can enjoy the wave in the indian Ocean and on the other side the flat water in the lagoon. We organized half day kite trip to this spot. Price is 25 euros for the trip.

Kappaladi Lagoon

Kappaladi Lagoon is 15km South of KSL, it is a small lagoon offering flat water and space for around 15 kiters. It is not connected to the ocean, making it very safe. The ocean is just 20m across the beach where you can enjoy a beach break and swells! A Tuc Tuc will take you down to Kappaladi, just 25mins away, it will wait for you and bring you back to the camp for 1500LKR. Please ask a member of our staff to book you a Tuc Tuc.
Please respect the kite school there and try not to get in the way of the lessons going on…. There is a beach hut you can use – but please use the “Visitors Area”! The lagoon is waist deep in most places, it’s a good place to progress your riding, it’s also a great place for photos!


Trip TypeDetailsFull Board Price ( price for in house guest )
½ DayTrip

(big kahuna and dream spot)

Minimum 4 persons25 €
1 Full DayTrip

(KSL hideaway)

Minimum 4 persons45 €
2 Day Tripwith Overnighter

(KSL hideaway)

Minimum 4 persons90 €
Excursions *As per requirementN/A
Special Kite Trips can be organized on demand.