Are you looking to improve your kitesurfing? How about a coaching session with our professional advanced coach Zac?

So first, who’s Zac??

Zac has been kiting for 15 years and teaching for nearly 7 of those, starting on the land in the UK, he quickly moved onto the water after realizing the crashes didn’t hurt so much! He’s kited all over the world and in all sorts of conditions, from perfect flat water to overhead waves, and to top it all off he’s a great (and very patient) teacher as well! He’s now riding for our partners Zian kites and working to help them develop new gear and promote the brand, so if you want to try one of the new kites just ask!

He rides a bit of everything, competition handle passes, big air and board offs, strapless surf or even hydrofoiling he’s an incredibly capable rider and can help you reach your ultimate kitesurfing goals!

And why should I spend my hard earned money on more lessons??

Believe it or not, lessons at any level are helpful. You don’t see many olympic athletes without a coach so why should kitesurfing be any different? Our advanced lessons are designed to help you master that new trick or technique in a safe and productive manner, not smash yourself and your gear to death with little to no reward.

Zac can help you break down a trick into the small details, give demonstrations as needed and explain what’s going wrong. Often it’s the smallest mistakes which can cause you to fail, and from the outside it’s much easier for someone else to evaluate what exactly is going wrong and then help correct them. Sometimes Zac will decide you need to take a step back to master something a little more basic, but in the end it’s always going to benefit your kiting experience and that’s what we’re all about.

Zac shoots photos and video from the beach to help you see the mistakes and part of the lesson will be actually evaluating afterwards, so you can really see where you had it right and where you had it wrong.

kitecoaching lesson

So what’s the deal? How does it work?

You can decide to take private tuition or you can take a group session. Private tuition will obviously give you the most face to face time with your coach, but group sessions can be a lot of fun as you have other people pushing themselves, and you can all watch and learn together.

With all our advanced coaching you’ll get a few photos to take away with you, and hopefully you’ll nail that trick you’ve been wanting


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Kite coaching rates

1H : 50 € INDIVIDUAL – 34 € GROUP

3H : 135 € INDIVIDUAL – 90 € GROUP

6H : 250 € INDIVIDUAL – 165 € GROUP