spa & massage at kitesurfinglankaSHIATSU is simply the manipulation of the soft tissues of the body – the muscles, tendons and ligaments. The therapist’s hands are his most important tool through which he not only treats the patient but also detects physical and emotional problems. The massage therapist palpates the patient’s body to determine the condition of the tissues and the likely source of any pain, and thus the correct form of remedial treatment. Massage works through the various body systems in one of two ways, a mechanical action and a reflex action.

A mechanical action is created by moving the muscles and soft tissues of the body using pressure and stretching movement, thereby cleansing them of acids and deposits. This mechanical action breaks up fibrous tissue and loosens stiff joints.

A reflex is created when treatment of one part of the body affects another part of the body, much like pressing a light switch on a wall to turn on a light in the centre of the room. Just like this electric connection, so too are different parts of the body connected to each other not just by flesh and bone but by nerve pathways, or flows of energy known as ‚meridians‘. So, by using reflex action, some therapists will treat a patient’s stomach complaint by massaging the arms, and will alleviate pain in the legs by massaging the lower back.


Why Thusare Talking Hands


The therapy helps many chronic and acute problems such as headache, back pain and fatigue, or may be taken for relaxation and stress relief.

Ethical Massage

Shiatsu acupressure massages are provided through a cotton cloth. No oils are used and there is no need to undress.


Our blind therapists have high sensitivity to touch and are expertly trained by a Japanese Master.

Social Purpose

Our work provides opportunity, self-respect and dignity for previously unemployed visually impaired Sri Lankans. All profits are reinvested in furthering this goal.

Full Body

Full body Shiatsu treatment includes stretches, joint manipulation and soft deep pressure using fingers, thumbs and palms of the hand. Treatment takes place fully clothed. The therapy can be focused on one or more specific symptoms or conditions, or simply taken to maintain good health and well-being. For maximum effectiveness, please avoid alcohol and large meals on the day of your treatment. Many of our clients return to us on a regular basis because they find our treatment so beneficial.

Foot and Lower Leg Massage

Our feet and lower legs take a lot of stress in daily life. Long hours standing, sitting, walking or taking physical exercise all take their toll on this important part of the body. Our therapy focuses on revitalizes your feet and lower legs, is very relaxing and promotes well-being.

Head, Neck & Shoulders

The mental stress of everyday life often exhibits itself in discomfort and aches in the head, neck and shoulders. Gently and deep Shiatsu treatment relieves discomfort and is deeply de-stressing, and leaves you feeling fully relaxed.



  • 25 euros for 30 minutes
  • 40 euros per hour