Kitesurfer at KSL

The ultimate guide for women that want to learn how to kitesurf

A lot of girls and women are holding back to start kitesurfing. Mostly it’s because there are still too many prejudices about this sport: You need a lot of physical strength, you need to be very athletic, you need to be young, etc. But lucky for you, nothing is further from the truth! In these 5 misconceptions about this extreme […]

Girl Kitesurfer Jumping at KSL

Learn to kitesurf : first jump

We’ve all been there, standing on the shore, looking at kitesurfers glide on the water and then, whoop, up in the air they go. While they go up up and up, your jaw drops down, down down. Chances are you got into kitesurfing because seeing other kitesurfers jump made you feel all kinds of excited and jealous. We’ll probably all […]

Daniel Planting Mangrove Seedlings

Sustainability at KSL – Mangrove Planting Initiative

All over the world, there are mangrove systems that protect young marine life, filter water from pollution and act as a barrier between water and land. Especially because Sri Lanka is an island, mangroves are very important here. More than 50 % of Sri Lanka’s Mangrove forests have been destroyed irrecoverably in the past 30 years through deforestation, abuse and […]

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Happy Holidays from the KSL team!

2019 is coming to an end and we want to take this opportunity to reflect upon the year that has been … and 2019 has been a biggie! This year we have introduced AC in the camp, expanded onto the beach where we now have our high-end Beach Bungalows, beach bar and a new permanent kite spot – Donkey Point. […]

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Eco-friendly sunscreen – keep your skin and the corals safe

We kitesurfers spend a lot of time in the sun and we’d be burned (pun intended) without a little help from our trusted sunblocks and zinc sticks. Today we’d like to raise some awareness on this topic. We’ve been gifted with seas and wind which are essential for a good kitesurfing session and it is our duty to preserve the […]

Kite Foiling in Kitesurfing Lanka

Hydrofoiling : how to master the waterstart with your hydrofoil board

You’ve probably heard it a few times, learning how to hydrofoil is hard, difficult, tough, painful, scary… ⁠⁠But hey, nothing good ever comes without effort! Hydrofoiling shouldn’t scare you as it is perfectly⁠ safe and not too hard to master if you learn in a safe environment.⁠ We’ve put together a little blog post to help you master the waterstart, […]

Leo Dil Kitesurfing Lanka begining

The history and ethos of KSL – a letter from Dilsiri

My very first steps kitesurfing I started Kitesurfing just by chance when my friend Previne invited me to join a ‘kitesurfing camp’. It was the 1st in Kalpitiya. I saved money, attended the camp. I couldn’t quite afford lessons, so once I came back to Colombo I managed to get some money, buy a kite and be taught the sport […]