Kitesurfing Lanka: An Unforgettable Destination

Nestled on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, Kitesurfing Lanka (KSL) is a world-renowned destination for kitesurfers and adventure seekers alike. With its consistent wind, stunning lagoon, and friendly community, KSL is a place like no other, offering an experience that is truly unforgettable. For Nezas, who hails from Slovenia, KSL is one of his favorite spots in the world. […]

KSL Mangrove Conservation Project 1

KSL Mangrove Conservation Project

Community-Based Mangrove Restoration Mangroves are a source of livelihood and food for thousands of small communities in Sri Lanka. It has been estimated that healthy mangroves provide an average of USD 2,100 per household per year in protective value against coastal floods (in terms of avoided damage to property, livelihood assets, and public infrastructure). Mangroves not only benefit fishing communities, […]

Winter Kitesurfing at KSL 5

Winter Kitesurfing at KSL

Kalpitiya was once a coastal town only famous among the fishermen, but that has long changed. Today, this has become a booming place for kitesurfing enthusiasts and tourists from all around the world. Kalpitiya is the heart of all the kitesurfing action in Sri Lanka. With perfect kiting conditions for 9 months of the year, Kalpitiya is a mecca for […]

Dive with John and Jos

Kalpitiya is still an off the beaten track destination, a hidden gem, where you can scuba dive, Dolphin and whale watch, walk on deserted beaches and kayak through the mangroves. During the windy season it is a kite surfing mecca and popular with both beginners and advanced riders due to the many lagoons and small islands and the constant strong […]


Ultimate Kids and Family activity guide

Kitesurfing Lanka has made Kalpititya to one of the top locations for Kitesurfing worldwide. If you’re not a kitesurfer and just want a family getaway with your kids in tow, no problem! Kitesurfing Lanka has much more to offer, it is an oasis for everybody and especially for kids like a Neverland in Peter Pan. If you are looking for […]


Sustainable travel is the new backpacking

There’s no doubt that the climate change emergency has brought the topics like sustainable travel, veganism, ecofriendly and green initiatives to the forefront of everyone’s minds. But now with the coronavirus, people are even more conscious about when and how they travel. We believe it’s vital for each of us to look at how we can be more eco-conscious when […]

Dil in Kalpitiya

Amazing facts you didn’t know about Kitesurfing Lanka

Léo Moret and Dilsiri Welikala, the owners of Kitesurfing Lanka talk about how KSL started and how the whole community behind KSL changed their life and motivation to keep going forward. Some further thoughts from Dilsiri Welikala: When Leo and myself started Kitesurfing Lanka, we did a one page Word document. It spoke about the values we would like to […]

Beautiful Paradise

Stranded in Kitesurfing Paradise

Since the Coronavirus outbreak, COVID-19 has changed the world, many tourists got stuck in foreign countries. We want you to tell you the stories of our guests, why they are still here, how our staff is doing, and what the owner thinks about the situation. Enjoy!   Steve & Charlotte are expats from Belgium that live in Colombo. They have […]

Kitesurfers at Kitesurfing Lanka

Coronavirus: How To Stay Safe On Your Travels?

Coronavirus and traveling As our hotel stays open for the foreseeable future during this crisis, we still get tourists that escape the busy parts of the world and stay in with us in Kalpitiya. Traveling during this time can be done, but you have to take certain precautions in order to stay safe. So if you’re traveling, please read the […]