motorbike-rental-kalpitiyaAt KSL you can rent a Motorcycle or a Scooter on a daily basis, to explore the Island. It’s a unique experience. Self-driving is the best idea to explore Sri Lanka. Rent a motorbike or a scooter with your friends, your family or your partner. Go for a little trip and visit the town, Kalpitiya, where you can go shopping. Explore the surroundings and enjoy the view of the mangrove and the beach, both hosting a lot of different bird species. Or… just rent it if you want to go independently to our kite spots surrounding the camp.

Kalpitiya it’s not Bali, we don’t have traffic jams, sometimes you will have the road all for yourself!

We have 2 motorbikes (Yamaha TW 125), 2 scooters and 1 tuk-tuk, all well maintained by our mechanic, Tilak.

When you rent a motorbike from us, the following is included in the price :

  • 2 Helmets
  • Unlimited free mileage
  • Comprehensive Insurance cover
  • Tour briefing on great roads and places to go

If you have a special request, send us an email.