Kandakuliya Montessori Development Project

The Kandakuliya Montessori has closed for its annual 1 month of summer holidays but when the kids come back next term they won’t recognise their school. Thanks to donations and volunteering from KSL guests, the kids will get to learn in a colourful classroom surrounded by scenes of sealife, of children playing, of birds and animals. Each child has a colourful hook to hang their their school bags up and the teacher has a new set of shelves to store her teaching materials.

KSL guests have donated new teaching  resources. The children will be able to develop their writing skills by practicing on sand trays and mini white boards. They have new games and materials for learning about numbers and big bright new English story books for the teacher to read at story time.

But best of all thanks to donations sent in from David Proudfoot,  Jenny Blayney, Savini and sponsorship from KSL the children will now have their own toilet at the school which was commissioned and built in July. Yesterday KSL guests, the Montessori teachers and local children all got together to decorate it . Here are some pictures of the last day of school at the Montessori with before and after shots of the school and toilet.

Some before and after shots as well as the first ever class photo and newly built toilet at the Montessori!!!

image image_1 image_3 image_5 image_6 image_7 image_8


Before you come, please have a look at the list of materials below which the school currently needs and maybe you have some things at home you could donate to the school. The age group of the children is 3-5 years old.

Small school bags
Plastic water bottles for the children to take water to school for a drink
White paper
Coloured paper and coloured card
Simple wooden puzzles
Games to learn numbers
Copy books
Pencil cases
Pencils and colouring pencils
Mini white boards
White board markers
Counting cubes
Materials for teaching numbers and counting
Pattern cards and shapes
Sorting trays
Posters of animals
Posters of food
Posters of months of the year
Posters of the weather
Small kites
Toy cars
Toy dolls
Toy instruments
Fundraising for the School – The wish list :

The school’s most urgent need is to fix the flooding problem. Every year during the rainy season in November and December the school grounds surrounding the school flood making it impossible for the children to reach the school. Ideally the ground level would be raised by half a meter or initially a raised path created from the school gates to the school door. Euro 1000.

A school bag, uniform, water bottle and copybook and pencils for every child. Cost at least Euro 25 per child.

The outside wall of the school is faced in bare concrete blocks. The school needs rendering and painting. Cost at least Euro 500.

At the moment the school has a CD player and cd s of children’s songs and English phonic rhymes. However there is no electricity or wiring for electricity in the school so the teacher relies on batteries which are very costly. The cost of wiring the school and monthly electricity would be at least Euro 500.