KSL Community

As much as Kitesurfing Lanka develops our dream is to see the community develop as well. We want the environment and local resources to be cared for, we want the local fishing communities to thrive and if we can be a positive impact for their benefit we would be stoked.

Our goal is that other hoteliers would follow the same ethos, we work with the communities and the people of the communities. Like that its a win win, we are not to be independent but Interdependent.

KSL Community (Impacting Education, Kiting & Environment)

The warm smiles of them are something you would rarely experience anywhere else in the world. The kids, the fishermen, the shopkeepers will all talk to you. Be your friend.

The beauty of the island, even a rural village like Kandakuli is teaming with natural beauty. Kalpitiya is home to very unique eco systems both on land and sea.

KSL does not want to be just another business venture. While we want you – our friends to have an experience of a lifetime, we also want to see our community benefit. We want to see people’s lives changed for the better.

Our completed project list is here.


Though kids go to school, research reveals that there is lack in key career skills among the people – namely English Language, Information Technology and Career Skills. We would encourage you to be part of this support programmes by:

  • Gifting some Educational Books/ Tools/ Computers etc(used are fine)
  • Take time off kiting to be part of a workshop to develop people
  • Pledge to the maintenance of the preschool and teachers salary

Kalpitiya Social Projects DSC_0121

Developing Sri Lanka’s Next Generation Kiters

The sport of Kitesurfing is now known in Sri Lanka. We are proud to have sponsored Mawfeel (Mogli) to complete his IKO Instructor License. He now teaches the sport at KSL and supports. He is now sponsored by Zian Kites and continues to work with us.

His story is here;

Opportunities through Kitesurfing

Almost 90% of our staff are employed from the village. Most who would have worked as fishermen now are developed to work in the hospitality industry. 2 of our staff even had the opportunity to travel to overseas – a first for them – for leisure and kitesurfing. Kitesurfing opens horizons for them.


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Kalpitiya has a huge problem with refuse. Many of the persons have a hard time even putting food on the table so environmental concerns are the least of their problems. However, we have made it our mission to talk to them, be a an example and help change their mindset concerning the environment. Slowly we see villages growing gardens, keep their roads clean and reusing.

At KSL our organic refuse is sent to a piggery which glass is collected and send to Colombo. Paper recycling sadly has not yet started. All leaves and even the waste water from washrooms is converted to compost. Planting of native species of flora is happening within KSL

Our long term plan is to get more involved. We are looking at funding for recycling or a simple incineration plant that can serve the peninsula. We aim to use zero plastic bottled water by 2016. .