KSL Community

KSL Community (Impacting Education, Kiting & Environment)

Sri Lanka and its people are beautiful. The warm smiles of them are something you would rarely experience anywhere else in the world. The kids, the fishermen, the shopkeepers will all talk to you. Be your friend.

The beauty of the island, even a rural village like Kandakuli is teaming with natural beauty. Kalpitiya is home to very unique eco systems. If lucky, you might be kitesurfing with dolphins and the endangered dugongs!

KSL just does not want to be a business venture. While we want you – our friends to have an experience of a lifetime, we also want to see our community benefit. We want to see people’s lives changed for the better.

‘Try to leave this world a bit better than you first found it’ – Baden Powell, Founder of the Scout Movement


Though kids go to school, research reveals that there is lack in key career skills amongst the people – namely English Language, Information Technology and Career Skills. We would encourage you to be part of this support programmes by;

  • Gifting some Educational Books/ Tools/ Computers etc
  • Take time off kiting to be part of a workshop to train people
  • Pledge to the maintenance of the preschool and teachers salary

Please see Kandakuliya Project – HERE

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Other stuff

Kitesurfing was represented for the first time at the Sri Lanka Sailing Nationals as an exhibition event during the closing ceremony. Though the event was planned a month in advance, it was postponed due to bad weather. The call to postpone benefited the Kitersurfers as we had some amazing wind last evening in Panadura. It was the first time Kiting was done on the seas of Panadura! Thanks go out to the Yachting Association of Sri Lanka and to the kiters from Kalpitiya – Ajmal and Mawfeel; Bentota – Upul and ‘Baba’ and support by Clywd, Susantha from the KSL team and long time kiter and watersports enthusiast Julian Bolling. Hopefully we would see a annual kiting event taking place at the next national event.