With high standards in Quality and Labour Conditions, Sri Lanka has been chosen as a preferred destination for the manufacture of leading Kite Brands. As distributor for Best & Core kites in Sri Lanka, KSL are in a position to offer you some great deals on the latest 2012 range of Kites, Boards, Harnesses and other Kite Accessories.

Our Kite Shop is equipped with a repair section where we can get your kite attended to in no time!

Zian Kiteboarding is the collaboration of an eclectic group of kiters and manufacturing professionals with a common vision: Make high performance kites without compromising on design, build quality or materials.


aquila_composite_copy2_mediumFor All-Around Performance, Aquila is your new best friend, flat water, chop or waves – Delivering serious freeride performance with unmatched comfort – It has a large wind range, fantastic upwind efficiency, smooth power development, ample power, self-stabilization & is easy…

Prices with bar : 5m/7m : 900€ – 9m : 950€ – 10m/12m/14m : 1000€


KimaHighly Versatile: Ideal for both waves and freestyle powered tricks, Kima features smoothly developed power / depower & self-stabilization. Rigged in wave/powered mode it has ultra-fast turning speed for easy powered wave transitions and unhooked kiteloops & powered tricks. In freeride…

Prices with bar : 5m/7m : 900€ – 9m : 950€ – 11m/13m : 1000€

Best Kiteboarding is the largest and most dynamic brand in the kiteboarding market. Simply put, more kitesurfers enjoy kiting on our equipment than any other brand, and it makes us feel incredibly proud to be in that trusted position. Best Kiteboarding is driven by an incredibly simple mantra; Exceptional products, exceptional service and exceptional prices.

Best TS full
TS 9m : xxx€
TS12m : xxx€
Best GP full
GP 9m : xxx€
GP 13m : xxx€
NemesisHP full
Nemesis 8m : xxxx€
Nemesis 10m : xxxx€
Nemesis 12m : xxxx€
Armada-V4 complète
131cm : xxx€
135cm : xxx€
138cm : xxx€
Spark-plug complète
136cm : xxx€
142cm : xxx€
Breeze complète
145cm : xxx€
148cm : xxx€

CORE lives by the Values: Performance, Safety, Quality and Service. Core has, for many years, raised and set the benchmark in Workmanship.
All CORE Kites have Finish and Quality standards, such as the unmistakeable CORE powerseam, that is unique in the Kite-Industry. Complaints and failure rates are close to nil!

Others brands we can get for you in Sri Lanka