KSL 2013 Season Ends – Newsletter


We are stoked that some of you were able to share in the Sri Lanka Kitesurfing experience. We had a pretty awesome season! ‘Big Camp’ was opened this year and our team expanded.
We have had many fond memories of the season starting from the time our first guest Natalia from Russia, to the crazy French Zo Zo playing and keeping the crowds entertained at nights.
Brice and Mellanie had an epic 4 month stay in Kalpitiya and Janey joined KSL to commence an exciting project to teach English to the rural fishermen and give a facelift to the local pre-school in the village of Kandakuliya in Kalpitiya.
2014 will see a number of improvements;
For Kitesurfing
  • New kite storage for guest and area to clean kites
  • No more bumpy lorry rides to lagoon, we’ll have more comfortable jeeps
  • Rentals of gear and kites on the beach – saves you the trouble just in case you have selected wrong gear
  • Beach boys and a compressor – no more looking for pumps
  • Safety boat and rescue free of charge for KSL guests
  • New kite spots
For Residents at Kitesurfing Lanka
  • Fast broadband internet for free
  • Upgrades to all Premium Bungalows and new lagoon-side Bungalows
  • Greener KSL garden
  • Chill-out area with tea/ coffee, cakes, library and sheisha corner
  • Other activities for non kiters like Kayak, Cycles and trips
  • Snack menus and perhaps an Ala Carte menu
We will never be closed, from October to April we will still operate the kiteschool (December to March we have a secondary season). For no wind days we have Dolphin, Whales Watching, Snorkelling & Diving, Kayaking Expeditions. Please see our ‘Dolphin Season’ website – www.kalpitiyadolphin.com
If you have any feedback for improvements for the coming season, please feel free to send us a mail. We would really appreciate it.
Nous vous contactons au sujet de vos vacances au Sri Lanka au camp Kitesurfing Lanka cet été.
Le grand camp a été crée en janvier de cette année, et nous faisons le bilan. La saison touche à sa
fin et nous souhaitons récolter vos impressions afin d’améliorer nos prestations.
Nous avons conscience que de nombreuses choses restent à améliorer et nous voulons évoluer
afin de répondre au mieux à vos attentes.
Ce que nous envisageons pour l’été 2014 :
Optimisation du service kite :

  • Nouveau store room special guest avec casiers.
  • Améliorer les transports au lagoon (jeep).
  • Manager beach hut organisant transports, repas et location sur le grand lagoon.
  • Deux beach boys et un compresseur sur la plage.
  • Zone de nettoyage pour l’équipement devant le store room.
  • Réorganisation de l’Ecole de kite.
  • Mise en place de pack kite trip.
  • Rescue gratuites au grand lagoon pour les clients KSL.
  • Augmenter le confort de chaques logements et création de nouveaux bungalows.
  • Nouveaux services de chambre.
  • Nouvelle zone de détente (thé, jeux, tissage, bibliothèque…)
  • Activités annexes : kayak, paddle.
  • Nous allons faire un beau jardin et mettre de la verdure dans le camp.

En espérant que vous avez passé un bon séjour, nous avons été ravie de vos recevoir.
Toutes vos remarques et idées seront les bienvenues.
En vous remerciant du temps que vous nous accorderez.
Dès le mois de novembre, Kitesurfing Lanka ouvre ses portes pour la saison des baleines et dauphins !

Kitesurfing Lanka Kalpitiya (2) Srilanka kite Banner 1.2




The South West Monsoon switches and the Official Kite Season comes to an end in the Newest Kite Spot in the World – Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka.
Looking back to the humble beginnings, the team from KSL would like to thank all our supporters, guests and friends who believed in our passion, experienced and supported us.
Some of our fondest highlights for 2012 were;
  • Kicking of KSL Camp with a bang on the 1st of May!
  • Successfully running Sri Lanka’s biggest Kite Race to-date
  • Monthly full moon parties with midnight kitesurfing!
  • Hosting guest from all over the world who were just awesome!
2013 will see number of improvements including a second kite camp.
On the community side, we did our little part to make a change in the lives of the kids. If you are coming to Kalpitiya do think about bringing some Educational Toys for the Kids aged 3 – 6 years. It will go a long way.
We are sure that there are a number of things that need improvements. Your feedback will help us evolve into something even better. Let us know what you think about the following aspects;
  • Transport
  • KSL Premises/ Camp
  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Kite Trips
  • Kite School
  • Staff
  • Any Other

Watch the clips on our video page

From Leo, Dilsiri and the rest of the KSL Team this was an amazing experience and fully worth the time and effort that was put in. Don’t forget the 2013 kite season starts May 1st. From December to March our kite school will be open so spread the word.
Kite HARD!